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MightyMic Pro brings high quality audio to any device @ CES 2021

Ampridge MightyMic ProPaul Ackel, Vice President of Ampridge, a U.S. based company that makes the MightyMic, a microphone for smartphones and cameras, joined us at CES 2021 to tell us about some of their latest developments in microphone technology.

Their core product, the MightyMic Pro, is a wireless Bluetooth microphone that can be paired to almost any device and can transform almost any headphone into a wireless microphone. Designed to work with most popular apps, the latest iteration of the MightyMic is the MightyMic Pro 3, a robust mic designed to accommodate a longer battery life, reaching 9 hours on a single charge. It also allows for the addition of external microphones. With three different sensitivity settings, it provides highly customizable audio recording. Additionally, the Ampridge MightyMic Pro employs a unique circuit design that solves the challenge of playing back music when recording video.

Ampridge delivers its MightyMic Pro in a series of different packages serving different needs. The MightyMic L-Pack includes the wireless adapter plus a clip-on Lavalier microphone, providing an off-the-shelf solution for hands-free broadcasting from any device. The MightyMic F transforms the mic into a mini-shotgun microphone. The Mic F effectively provides 4-in-1 microphone capabilities, with a fuzzy windscreen attachment for outdoor use on a DSLR or other device, the ability to attach it to the mic jack on a tablet or phone, to a phone rig, or to a boom pole. With the MightyMic adapter attached, you can also wirelessly stream audio. The MightyMic is also compatible with most gimble mounts.

The Ampridge adapter allows users to take any traditional 4-pin designed headphone microphone and turn it into a wireless microphone. Ampridge also makes the MightyMic C, a directional hand-held microphone with multiple settings and an XLR cable.

The MightyMic Pro retails for $80. The L-Pack sells for $100. The F-pack and the C pack both retail for $110.

Visit the company’s website for more info and find their products on Amazon.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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Neat Microphones Look as Awesome as they Sound

Neat Microphones logoMicrophones do not have to be a boring grey color. They can have style! Neat Microphones, a member of the Gibson family, have two lines of aesthetically pleasing microphones that look like pieces of art. They look as awesome as they sound!

Scott spoke with Product Manager of Neat Microphones, Clayton Harrison, at CES 2016. They talked about both the Bee Line and the Widgets line of microphones. Each style shows that microphones don’t have to look dull – they can be fun!

Four of the microphones in the Bee Line are available now. All of them are high end USB mics. The Beecaster and the Bumblebee give you high quality, professional, results without the need for all kinds of extra equipment.

The Bumblebee is intended for speech (and would be great for podcasting, Skype, and video blogging). The Beecaster has stereo capability and is good for music. Each comes with microphone pre-amps. They have headphone output and headphone amplifiers – which let you do direct monitoring without the latency associated with USB.

The King Bee and Worker Bee mics are for professionals and aspiring professionals who already have a rig. They are also great for podcasting and provide top notch sound.

The Widgets line have a super fun aesthetic and would be great for YouTube or Twitch where a person can be recording and seen at the same time. The microphones in the Widgets line are $99 each. You can find more information about the Bee Line microphones, and the Widgets line of microphones at NeatMic.com.

Scott Ertz is a software developer and video producer at F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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Marshall Electronics Targets Pro Portable Audio

Marshall Electronics LogoSmartphones, and in particular the iPhone, are beginning to replace the video camera for on-the-spot interviews especially when it’s a one person gig. While the video side of the recording is well covered by the iPhone, the audio isn’t, mainly because the camera has to be six feet away from the subject rather than the the six inches preferred by a microphone. Marshall Electronics have been thinking about this problem and Don gets a world exclusive on their newest product from Perry Golstein.

Marshall have been working on a set of portable accessories for the iPhone which connects pro gear for high quality audio recordings. Brand new is a battery-powered pocket-mixer with four audio inputs, headphone monitor and an analogue output. In addition, the mixer has a digital out over USB: connect the mixer to the iPhone via Apple’s camera connector and the audio can be recorded digitally. The mixer will be available later in the year with a target price of $249. Very neat.

Interview by Don Baine, the Gadget Professor.


MXL Tempo Microphone Connects to iPad, Computer


MXL was at our booth talking about their newest Mic, the MXL Tempo. This is a microphone that connect to an iPad.

The challenge of connecting a condenser mic to an iPad is the power. The iPad sends a lower power signal, so you need to adjust at the microphone.

MXL Tempo uses the camera adapter to send the audio signal to the iPad.

Tempo is available now for $79.95

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Steve Lee of Waves of Tech