The Tech Podcast Network

Tech Podcast Network is a community supported web site dedicated to the promotion of technology.

These initiatives include audio podcasting, The content producers actively support the broader technology community with a wide variety of content related to technical subjects.


1) To provide a community for Podcasters who produce rich media content related to technology.

2) To embrace and create affiliations with a wide variety of content providers that are involved with technological issues and topics.

3) To pursue opportunities, both commercial and cooperative, that will benefit the content producers at large and users of technology in general.

4) Create community activities that increase site traffic, listenership, distribution, and knowledge of TechPodcasts.com and the individual sites of its members.

5) To provide TechPodcasts.com content producers the opportunity to have a second point of presence.


1) TechPodcasts.com and it’s content producers will advocate on behalf of fair and full content use, free speech rights, and technological innovation.

2) Each member of TechPodcasts.com remains responsible for its own creative content and retains full rights to his or her show.

3) Content creators will communicate openly and fairly with community members. Activities like flaming or disparaging comments are in direct conflict with these values.

4) Members are not required to link to any other member within the group. While we value each other’s opinions we can agree to disagree privately on individual agendas, political ideas, and technical views.

5) No requirement will ever be made to force members to promote another members show.

6) As a community endeavor, members are encouraged to assist fellow content producers, listeners as well as potential members, with the technical details associated with producing or consuming content. Suggestions and assistance should be tactful, but truthful, and, should be received in the spirit of producing a quality podcast.

Terms of Service