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MightyMic Pro brings high quality audio to any device @ CES 2021

Ampridge MightyMic ProPaul Ackel, Vice President of Ampridge, a U.S. based company that makes the MightyMic, a microphone for smartphones and cameras, joined us at CES 2021 to tell us about some of their latest developments in microphone technology.

Their core product, the MightyMic Pro, is a wireless Bluetooth microphone that can be paired to almost any device and can transform almost any headphone into a wireless microphone. Designed to work with most popular apps, the latest iteration of the MightyMic is the MightyMic Pro 3, a robust mic designed to accommodate a longer battery life, reaching 9 hours on a single charge. It also allows for the addition of external microphones. With three different sensitivity settings, it provides highly customizable audio recording. Additionally, the Ampridge MightyMic Pro employs a unique circuit design that solves the challenge of playing back music when recording video.

Ampridge delivers its MightyMic Pro in a series of different packages serving different needs. The MightyMic L-Pack includes the wireless adapter plus a clip-on Lavalier microphone, providing an off-the-shelf solution for hands-free broadcasting from any device. The MightyMic F transforms the mic into a mini-shotgun microphone. The Mic F effectively provides 4-in-1 microphone capabilities, with a fuzzy windscreen attachment for outdoor use on a DSLR or other device, the ability to attach it to the mic jack on a tablet or phone, to a phone rig, or to a boom pole. With the MightyMic adapter attached, you can also wirelessly stream audio. The MightyMic is also compatible with most gimble mounts.

The Ampridge adapter allows users to take any traditional 4-pin designed headphone microphone and turn it into a wireless microphone. Ampridge also makes the MightyMic C, a directional hand-held microphone with multiple settings and an XLR cable.

The MightyMic Pro retails for $80. The L-Pack sells for $100. The F-pack and the C pack both retail for $110.

Visit the company’s website for more info and find their products on Amazon.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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