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MakerBot: The Open Source 3D Printer

Affordable Digital Replication

MakerBot Industries has an online community at where users can post digital design files, document their designs, and collaborate on open source hardware. That is only part of the emerging product and community surrounding one of the Top 20 NYC Startups. Makerbot has been featured  has been featured in The New York Times, Wired, Colbert Report, Fast Company, Engadget, Make: Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone,, IEEE Spectrum, CNN, Financial Times, NPR, the Economist and others.

Bre Pettis has appeared on TPN for several years as a featured guest at CES.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDRNews and Don Baine, the Gadget Professor, for the TechPodcast Network.


Line2: Add a Second Line to Android or iOS device

Add Flexibility with WiFi Connection Second Line

You may want to keep business calls separate from personal calls. You may want to keep your cellphone number private, or have responsibilities for a volunteer organization or agency that needs a public face. Line 2 is a great choice for professionals.

And as an added bonus, you can take an old iPhone, add this $10 a month application and have a fully functional phone within a wifi cloud that will forward to a regular phone or voicemail when you are outside of the wifi zone.

There’s a 7 day free trial period.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDRNews and Don Baine, the Gadget Professor, for the TechPodcast Network.



ARIN on the Transition of IPv4 to IPv6

John Curran from the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) joins us for the TPN CES Live coverage. John talked about what is happening with IPv4 and the switch to IPv6. In the past year, the last remaining IPv4 addresses were handed out to global regions.

World IPv6 Launch takes place on June 6, 2012. Starting to connect customers up will be an organized effort, just like with the DTV transistion, or Y2K. Best part is you can go to your ISP, and ask to have IPv6 turned on.

IT departments should be prepared for this transition. 340 undecillion IP addresses, which means we could cover a good chunk of the Universe before we run out of addresses.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Andy Smith of Geocaching World.


SpnKIX Motorized Skates

Peter Treadway from SpnKIX joins us for the CES TPN Live coverage. SpnKiX is a motorized Skate that attaches directly to your shoes.

SpnKIX is a 6 lb attachment to your heel of your foot. It takes a little bit of coordination, but with a little bit of practice, you can get the hang of SpnKIX.

SpnKIX has over 5 years research and development. Top speed is 10 mph and a wireless handheld unit can control the power.

Pre-order now ($649) for delivery in March – the production was funded as a Kickstarter project.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Andy Smith of Geocaching World.


Foxl SoundMatters: Worlds Best Pocket-Sized Speaker

Jim Bocash of SoundMatters came on the Live TPN CES show to talk about their range of small speakers, with Bass support.

The FoxL weighs a little over a pound, and incorporates the battery to turn it into the bass driver. FoxL comes in three versions – wired, Bluetooth and Apt-X codec for CD quality sound.

FoxL will be priced at $149, $199 and $229 respectively.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Andy Smith of Geocaching World.


Duracell Powermat with Backup Battery for Emergency Charging

Beth Harrison Meyer from Duracell Powermat joined us for the TPN CES Live action. We’ve talked with them in the past, and the Powermat is always looking at ways we charge our devices.

This year, Duracell showed a Powermat backup battery.  It gives you an emergency charge, and can just sit on the Powermat when not in use. This backup battery also can be charged via USB.

Also check out the other Powermat video

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Andy Smith of Geocaching World.


3Feet Mobile Device Stand Made in USA

Al Werth joined us again for CES TPN Live coverage to talk about 3Feet – their universal mobile device stand. Smartphone or tablet, this sturdy stand can be used to hold up your Android, iPad, iPhone or other items (including a good old fashioned notebook). Three positions will give you ability to angle your device so you can see comfortably watch or play a game.

I even used it on the plane ride home to play Monopoly. It’s sturdier than the iPad cover folded over to the stand.

This stand is made in the USA and they also have branding options (like the Corvette logo model I use). There are 11 colors to choose from.

3Feet is available for $20

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Andy Smith of Geocaching World.


Snapcuts Supplies Video Clips to Create Video Messages

Bee Ottinger from Snapcuts joins us on CES TPN Live coverage. She talks about how SnapCuts can be used to put together a video card. From simple thanks, to congratulations, and much more.

They use video clips that are in the public domain – and there is a lot in the public domain (check out They create clips, which you can browse over at their website. When you find a clip you want to use, just put it in the video pane on the bottom.

When done, send off your message to friends and loved ones. The site is free – just register and start using Snapcuts. The site is still in beta and adding new clips all the time.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Andy Smith of Geocaching World.


Xi3 Modular Computer, Xi3 Micro Server Modules, Xi3 Mobile Data Center

Not only is Xi3shipping their modular computer, they have also introduced the Xi3 Micro Server modules that contains a 2- 1GB Ethernet module, 1 10 GB fiber channel, 4-USB, 40 eSATAp and runs at 40 Watts of power. All in the same Xi3 chassy.

David Politis joins us once again to show us these great products. Along with the Microserver, Xi3 announced the Xi3 data center. 24 units of rackspace – so it can hold a conventional server – but you can also put 3 Xi3 Microservers into the  space and have up to 224 Xi3 computers right in the box. All air controlled and redundant power.

The datacenter also is on a cart which can be pushed, or motorized. This makes the Xi3 datacenter perfect for a small company that has limited space, a mobile company, disaster station, and more. You could literally have your server room move from room to room. Best part is the Xi3 is modular, so more additions will be coming in the future.

Xi3 Microserver will be released and priced later in the year. The datacenter will be around $500,000 .

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine


AgeTek – Aging Technology Alliance

AgeTek is helping seniors use technology to stay independent. The Aging Technology Alliance (AgeTek) is dedicated to bring the technologies to you, your parents, and grandparents to help quality of life. Items like the Life Station managed pill box that Jamie Davis interviewed earlier at CES.

Over 60 companies and organizations are part of this alliance to promote Agetek. They have a wide array of gadgets; Easy-to-use TV remotes to big button mobile phones (like the Jitterbug). The alliance is there to assist you and your loved ones to incorporate these items into everyday life.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and and Andy Smith of Geocaching World.