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Xi3 Modular Computer, Xi3 Micro Server Modules, Xi3 Mobile Data Center

Not only is Xi3shipping their modular computer, they have also introduced the Xi3 Micro Server modules that contains a 2- 1GB Ethernet module, 1 10 GB fiber channel, 4-USB, 40 eSATAp and runs at 40 Watts of power. All in the same Xi3 chassy.

David Politis joins us once again to show us these great products. Along with the Microserver, Xi3 announced the Xi3 data center. 24 units of rackspace – so it can hold a conventional server – but you can also put 3 Xi3 Microservers into the  space and have up to 224 Xi3 computers right in the box. All air controlled and redundant power.

The datacenter also is on a cart which can be pushed, or motorized. This makes the Xi3 datacenter perfect for a small company that has limited space, a mobile company, disaster station, and more. You could literally have your server room move from room to room. Best part is the Xi3 is modular, so more additions will be coming in the future.

Xi3 Microserver will be released and priced later in the year. The datacenter will be around $500,000 .

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine


Xi3, Z3RO Turns One Small Computer into Four


David Politis stopped by the CES live booth to talk about the Xi3 – a remarkable computer in it’s own right. However, he also showed us Z3ro, a module that turns this one small computer, into four.

The Xi3 is an idea – take the motherboard of a computer and modularize it. Therefore, if one part of the computer goes, you get the replacement and pop it right in there. Especially nowadays when the GPU is in the CPU and the Solid State Drive is getting put right on the board.

David shows us how easy it is to open and fix. Better yet, David also showed off Z3ro – a terminal emulating device that can turn the one computer into 2. You can put 3 – Z3ro adaptors and turn one computer into four!

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Tom Newman of Fogview Podcast

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