ElliQ: AI companion to alleviate loneliness in older adults @ CES 2024

ElliQ companion robot for elderlyIntuition Robotics is a company that has created an AI-driven companion named ElliQ. This innovative product is designed to combat feelings of loneliness and social isolation in older adults. It aims to promote health and activity, supporting seniors as they continue to live independently.

AI companion for elderly adults

Loneliness among the elderly is a significant issue in the country. It has been declared a public health crisis by the Surgeon General of the United States, as it surpasses obesity and drug abuse as the leading cause of death among older adults. It is emphasized that there is a shortage of young people who can spend quality time with the elderly on a daily basis.

The impact of loneliness on the health of elderly individuals is immense. Loneliness can have detrimental effects on physical and mental well-being, and it is often underestimated. The story of a customer whose husband passed away after 65 years of marriage is shared to illustrate the profound impact of loneliness. ElliQ’s ability to greet her, compliment her appearance, and encourage her to go out and be socially active has transformed her life, giving her a reason to get dressed and engage with the world.

Intuition Robotics recognized the potential for technology to address this issue and created ElliQ as a solution. However, they wanted their product to be more than just a monitoring device or a prompt-based AI assistant like Alexa. They aimed to create a true friend and companion for the elderly. To achieve this, the device spends material amounts of time with the older adult, remembers past conversations, initiates conversations, and helps the individual achieve their own goals towards healthier aging and social connectivity.

Unlike prompt-driven AI, ElliQ actively engages in conversations and prompts the individual for information and action. It classifies and remembers conversations, using them to create future interactions. For example, it may ask about sleep quality, remind the individual of previous pain, and suggest breathing exercises. It can also take physical or digital actions, such as creating tailored stress reduction exercises or arranging video conferences with loved ones or healthcare professionals.

ElliQ versus wearables

Wearables can be a great way to track health statistics in kids and adults. However, older adults are less likely to wear these devices, partially because they are unaccustomed to them and partially because they might simply forget to put them on.

While ElliQ is not a wearable device itself, it can be seen in a comparable place in the sense that it interacts with the user and provides a physical presence. Nevertheless, the hope is that as wearables have become more popular among younger people, ElliQ can provide similar capabilities for older people while adding the benefit of a companion’s personality.

A powerful but affordable companion

One might assume that an AI-enabled robot like ElliQ would come with a high price tag. However, CEO Dor Skuler reveals that ElliQ is surprisingly affordable, with a monthly charge between $50 and $60. This makes it accessible to a wider range of individuals and families who are seeking a solution to combat loneliness among their elderly loved ones.

The affordability of ElliQ is further enhanced by the fact that many local state and government organizations are funding the product. In certain areas, such as New York and most counties in Florida, ElliQ can be obtained for free, paid for by agencies like the Office for the Aging. Additionally, Medicare and Medicaid companies are also distributing ElliQ to their population, recognizing the positive impact it can have on mental health and overall well-being.

Conclusion: ElliQ can help older adults feel less lonely

In summary, AI-enabled robots like ElliQ have been shown to effectively alleviate loneliness among the elderly. The importance of tackling this issue is underscored, and the cost-effectiveness and easy accessibility of ElliQ are high. ElliQ offers more than just assistance; it provides companionship, support, and a proactive presence, becoming a genuine friend and confidant for older adults. Through its interactions and features, ElliQ not only enhances mental well-being but also has the potential to positively influence physical health and overall life quality for the elderly. To learn more about ElliQ or to get one for yourself or a loved one, check out the company’s website.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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Stacksync: Simplify data syncing, streamline CRM integration @ CES 2024

Stacksync CRM integrationReal-time database integration has become essential in today’s data-driven business environment, offering the capability to access and analyze data promptly. However, integrating databases with customer relationship management (CRM) systems has historically been complex and time-consuming, demanding extensive coding and development efforts. Real-time data integration has emerged as a revolutionary concept reshaping the business landscape. Leading this transformation is Stacksync, a company at the forefront of real-time data integration. The company’s product allows for faster integrations and syncing of data, giving all aspects of a company access to crucial data they wouldn’t traditionally have access to.

Real-time data integration for CRMs: Revolutionizing business operations

Traditionally, linking a CRM with various databases and systems involved extensive coding and time-consuming efforts. Developers had to invest months in crafting intricate workflows to ensure seamless data sharing. This not only consumed time but also incurred significant costs. Stacksync, however, introduces a groundbreaking no-code solution, enabling the connection of CRMs and databases within just five minutes.

But how does Stacksync achieve this code-free integration seamlessly? The company encapsulates complexity into a user-friendly interface, delivering robust data without the need for developers to manually resolve database or CRM issues. Stacksync guarantees a real-time, two-way sync, ensuring data is consistently up-to-date and accurate.

The implementation time for Stacksync is impressively fast, with businesses able to integrate the platform within 10 days, even for projects that typically take six months. This swift turnaround time underscores the efficiency and user-friendliness of Stacksync.

A different approach to handling data

Stacksync’s real-time and two-way sync capabilities set it apart from other integration solutions. By transforming the database into a read-and-write interface, Stacksync facilitates the seamless flow of real-time raw metrics, computed metrics, and AI-processed data insights to CRM systems. This eliminates the need for complex workflows and significantly reduces the time and budget required for integration.

Stacksync also includes real-time batching, which optimizes API usage and reduces costs. Instead of numerous API calls for each modification to the database, Stacksync batches these changes, making only a few API calls. This enables businesses to modify large amounts of data while consuming fewer API credits, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Real-time data improves the customer experience

The implications of real-time data integration for CRMs are profound. Businesses gain access to the most current customer information, allowing for immediate action. For instance, a B2B SaaS company can monitor a customer’s platform interactions within the last 24 hours, identify usage issues, or detect cart abandonment. This real-time data enables direct engagement within the CRM or marketing platform, eliminating the reliance on additional data sources.

But, the platform also gives access to this data to areas of the company that would not have had it previously. In our previous example, if the customer had called for support, the agent likely would not know that there had been a cart abandoned the day before. Having this info, and the contents of that abandoned cart could help the agent solve the customer’s issue that previously would have been a void.

Furthermore, the impact extends to artificial intelligence (AI). Real-time data analysis enables AI algorithms to identify customer preferences, interests, and behaviors, allowing businesses to tailor their offerings and marketing messages. This not only reduces reliance on Salesforce but also amplifies the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Who is Stacksync designed for?

The use cases for Stacksync’s real-time data integration platform are diverse, primarily benefiting companies with 30 to 250 employees actively utilizing CRMs and maintaining sales teams. Real-time data access empowers businesses to make informed decisions, personalize marketing efforts, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, Stacksync’s platform is scalable, meaning it can handle large data sets and millions or billions of records. This makes it suitable for companies of all sizes, from small startups to massive enterprises with extensive Salesforce instances. The platform ensures that real-time data integration remains efficient and effective, regardless of the scale.

One of Stacksync’s key advantages lies in its ability to handle large and unstructured datasets. As businesses accumulate vast amounts of data in the era of artificial intelligence (AI), Stacksync allows users to input this data into its platform seamlessly. The platform then writes the data back into the database, enabling businesses to leverage AI for processing and analyzing data, extracting valuable insights without the need to touch the API.


To summarize, Stacksync serves as a game-changer by making real-time database integration easy for businesses. The platform’s no-code solution simplifies the integration process, saving time and money. Access to real-time data empowers businesses to make informed decisions, personalize marketing efforts, and enhance customer satisfaction. With Stacksync’s scalability and customizable features, businesses of all sizes can harness the power of real-time data integration, positioning themselves for success in the data-driven era, especially as AI continues to evolve. Stacksync stands as a leader in providing businesses with the essential tools to thrive in this data-centric revolution.

To learn more about Stacksync, to get a demo, or to sign up for yourself, head over to their website.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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Lexilens: Breaking down barriers and transforming dyslexia @ CES 2024

Lexilens smart dyslexia treatmentA groundbreaking product has been developed to enhance reading capabilities for people with dyslexia. This product, called Lexilens, is a pair of electronic glasses powered by a battery and features active lenses that interact with the brain’s visual processing, not just the eyesight. By adjusting and fine-tuning how the brain deciphers signals from the eyes, these glasses facilitate a more lucid and smooth reading experience for those with dyslexia.

ABEYE, the company behind these innovative glasses, aims to address the challenges faced by dyslexic individuals in reading and learning. Dyslexia is a common learning disability that affects the ability to read, write, and spell. It can lead to frustration, low self-esteem, and difficulties in academic and professional settings.

Glasses that improve dyslexia reading

The idea behind Lexilens is based on a scientific discovery made in 2017 by an academic at a university. The discovery highlighted certain vision mechanisms that cause crowding and make reading difficult for dyslexic people. Over three years of research and development, the glasses were designed to leverage this discovery and reverse engineer the vision process to improve reading fluency.

The technology behind the glasses involves active lenses that hash the light with specific parameters and settings. These settings are calibrated to the individual wearer using a smartphone during the initial setup. The glasses then actively filter the light to eliminate the crowding effect and provide a clear and detached view of letters, making reading easier and more understandable for dyslexic individuals. Lexilens is such a major advancement that the glasses received an Innovation Award at CES, indicating recognition and validation of their effectiveness. The glasses are lightweight, weighing only 35 grams, and are available in three sizes: small for kids, medium, and large.

The importance of improved understanding

What sets these glasses apart is their ability to not only improve reading ease but also enhance comprehension. Michael Kodochian, CEO of ABEYE who developed Lexilens, emphasizes that dyslexic individuals often struggle to understand what they read due to the noisy input caused by the crowded vision. By eliminating the crowding, the glasses provide a clearer input to the brain, reducing cognitive load and allowing for better multitasking and comprehension.

While it is important for all ages, addressing dyslexia in children is especially important, as they often face additional challenges and stigmatization. By providing a solution that is easy to use and does not require a smartphone, Lexilens aims to empower dyslexic children and help them succeed in school.

Kodochian also mentions that the technology has been integrated into a computer screen or monitor, eliminating the need for wearing glasses. This development further expands the accessibility and usability of the technology for dyslexic individuals.

An easy to use solution for dyslexia

Adjusting Lexilens to the individual wearer is a straightforward process that involves connecting them to a smartphone via Bluetooth and using a dedicated app to tune the settings. The wearer can answer a series of questions and choose values that correspond to their specific needs, allowing for a personalized and optimized reading experience.

Similar to an eye exam, users can select their optimal settings by comparing different options. Once the settings are chosen, they are stored in the glasses, eliminating the need for a smartphone. This user-friendly approach makes the glasses accessible to individuals of all ages, including children.

Conclusion: Lexilens makes reading and comprehension easier for those with dyslexia

In conclusion, ABEYE introduces a groundbreaking product – glasses that improve reading for individuals with dyslexia called Lexilens. These glasses leverage scientific discoveries to modify the brain’s interpretation of visual signals, eliminating crowding and improving reading fluency and comprehension. With recognition and awards, the glasses offer a promising solution for dyslexic individuals, providing them with a clearer and more enjoyable reading experience. Lexilens is available now from the company’s website.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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Invoxia Minitailz: AI-powered pet tracker monitors health @ CES 2024

Invoxia Minitailz pet health trackerClément Moreau, CEO of Invoxia, shares the latest on upgrades to their classic pet trackers at CES 2024. Their 3rd generation Minitailz pet tracker includes AI technology in the device, cloud, and application. The device has been redesigned to be small and lightweight, can attach to any type of pet collar, on any size dog, and has a battery life of 2 to 4 weeks, depending on activity levels.

Invoxia 3rd-gen pet trackers barking up the right tree

The Invoxia app is compatible with iPhone or Android phones, and not only tracks the location of the pet but also monitors its health and activity levels. Metrics such as heart rate, breathing, and disease detection are available, providing valuable information for dog owners who want to ensure their pets are healthy and happy. The app also tracks the pet’s activity level, helping owners understand the amount of exercise their dog needs to maintain happiness.

Minitailz pet tracker health monitoring features

One of the key features of the Invoxia device is its ability to monitor a dog’s heart rate. In a thorough study conducted on more than 200 dogs, the device was found to have a 97% accuracy rate in extracting data compared to the data that a vet could check. This high level of accuracy is impressive and reassures pet owners that their dog’s heart rate is being accurately monitored.

In addition to heart rate monitoring, the pet trackers also track a dog’s activity levels. Similar to a Fitbit for humans, the device helps pet owners understand how much exercise their dog is getting daily. This information is beneficial for dog owners with busy schedules who may not be able to provide their dogs with as much exercise as they would like. By knowing their dog’s activity levels, pet owners can make adjustments to ensure their dog is getting the appropriate amount of exercise to keep them healthy and happy.

More than just an activity tracker

The Minitailz pet tracker can also help detect diseases in dogs. This is particularly helpful for pet owners who have dogs with behavioral or age-related problems. Leaving their home can be difficult for these individuals, but with the Invoxia device, they can have peace of mind knowing that their dog’s health is being monitored.

The Minitailz is not only beneficial for pet owners but also for the dogs themselves. By providing valuable insights into a dog’s health and activity levels, pet owners can make informed decisions to keep their animals healthier and happier. This device helps pet owners understand their dog’s needs and allows them to provide the appropriate care and attention.

Pet tracking beyond the backyard

Invoxia’s Minitailz pet tracker works in works in 40 different countries, enabling pet owners to track their pets even when traveling abroad and providing innovative solutions for pet owners worldwide. In addition, the upcoming introduction of a cat-specific version of the device further expands the reach of Invoxia’s technology, catering to a wider range of pet owners.

Invoxia also produces trackers for other services such as cars, motorbikes, bikes, and even for tracking children or elderly people. Unlike Bluetooth-based trackers like AirTags, Invoxia’s trackers use GPS and GSM technology, allowing for countrywide and worldwide tracking.

Minitailz pet tracker: How to fetch it

Minitailz is available for purchase on Invoxia’s website, Amazon, and other retailers. It has a retail price of $99 and requires a monthly subscription of $8.50.

Conclusion: Minitailz can help you keep your pet healthy and happy

Invoxia’s AI-powered pet tracker is a game-changer in the world of pet health monitoring. With its accurate heart rate monitoring, activity tracking, and disease detection capabilities, this device provides pet owners with valuable insights into their dog’s well-being, helping assure pet owners that their dogs are receiving the appropriate care and attention to keep them healthy and happy. Invoxia’s commitment to innovation and its availability in multiple countries further solidify its position as a leader in the pet health monitoring industry.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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myrow: Transforming the Concept 2 rower with connected tech @ CES 2024

myrow connected rowingmyrow is a company that aims to transform the Concept 2 Rowing Machine into a connected fitness device. The CEO and founder, Gary Simpson, came up with the idea during the pandemic when he found himself using the Concept 2 machine more frequently. However, he felt that the machine’s four-inch by four-inch monitor was boring and lacked engagement. He searched for apps that could enhance his rowing experience but found nothing that provided a fully integrated experience like a connected fitness bike.

myrow transforms Concept 2 into connected fitness

Recognizing the need for a more immersive and interactive rowing experience, Simpson decided to build a tablet add-on product for the Concept 2 Rowing Machine. The myrow tablet is a 22-inch tablet that offers all the content and features typically found in a connected fitness machine. By connecting the tablet to the Concept 2 machine’s monitor, users can access a more engaging and intuitive interface. The tablet displays workout data in a meaningful and useful way, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple buttons on the Concept 2 monitor.

One of the key advantages of the myrow tablet is its ability to provide real-time analytics and performance data. This feature is particularly beneficial for rowers who want to improve their technique and track their progress. Rowing is a learned technique that requires proper form and stroke metrics. By following along with instructors and mimicking their movements, users can learn and refine their rowing technique. The tablet provides visual cues, audio instructions, and even form guidance, such as the force curve, to help users optimize their workouts.

Additionally, myrow offers the option for coaches to deliver specific workouts through the Create Your Own Workout Custom Workout feature. Users can also share their workouts with friends, allowing for a collaborative and supportive fitness community. This flexibility in workout options and the ability to share and receive workouts from others adds to the overall versatility and inclusivity of myrow.

Beyond its instructional features, the myrow tablet also offers a range of other options for experienced rowers who prefer non-video workouts. The application includes preset workouts, the ability to create custom workouts, group rowing sessions with friends who also have the tablet, and training plans. This versatility caters to rowers of all skill levels and preferences.

Training virtually with friends

One of the key features of myrow is its ability to facilitate virtual rowing with friends. Through an internet connection, users can row together and see each other’s stats and metrics on the screen. This allows for friendly competition and the ability to set up group rows at any time and date of their choosing. This feature is particularly useful because it enables rowers to continue training year-round, even in adverse weather conditions such as winter with ice. Instead of relying on traditional biometric trackers in a lab setting, myrow provides real-time metric data for each individual person.

Conclusion: myrow enhances the at-home rowing experience

Overall, myrow’s goal is to enhance the Concept 2 Rowing Machine’s capabilities and provide users with a connected fitness experience. By integrating a larger and more interactive tablet, myrow transforms the Concept 2 into a fully immersive and engaging fitness device. Whether users want to follow along with instructors, track their performance data, or simply enjoy a challenging workout, myrow offers a comprehensive solution for rowers of all levels.

As for pricing, the myrow tablet with the mounting arm is priced at $499, and there is a monthly subscription fee of $29.99. At launch, the tablet will offer around 85 video workouts, a couple of hundred preset workouts, and the ability to create custom workouts. myrow plans to expand its video workout library over time.

To sign up for myrow, interested individuals can visit the website and join the mailing list. While orders are not being taken yet, they will be available by the end of February. The release date for the product is dependent on the arrival of the boat from overseas, but the company is confident that they will be able to deliver the product to customers by mid to late April.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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ilume tracks your dog’s activity to prevent overfeeding @ CES 2024

ilume dog tracking and feedingAI-powered dog tracking and feeding is a revolutionary technology that aims to help dog owners better understand and care for their pets. This technology, developed by ilume, utilizes artificial intelligence to track a dog’s movements and accurately determine its caloric expenditure. By doing so, it can provide precise feeding recommendations, ensuring that dogs receive the perfect amount of food each day.

AI-powered dog tracking and feeding

The idea behind this technology stemmed from the founder and CEO of ilume, Craig Silbury’s, passion for dogs and his realization that many dogs are overweight or obese. Silbury recognized that dogs’ daily calorific requirements can vary significantly, even among dogs from the same litter with the same genetics, upbringing, and environment. Some dogs are naturally more active, while others prefer a more relaxed lifestyle. However, overfeeding is a common issue, leading to obesity, which is considered the leading cause of preventable death in dogs.

To address this problem, ilume developed a tracker that can recognize different types of motions, including walking, playing, scratching, and dreaming. By analyzing the intensity and frequency of these motions, the tracker can accurately determine a dog’s caloric expenditure. This information is then used to provide feeding recommendations through an app and an automatic bowl. The bowl is equipped with scales and rings that light up, indicating the precise amount of food needed for each meal. If too much food is added, the bowl will signal the owner to remove the excess.

How the technology works

The tracking fob, which is attached to the dog’s collar, plays a crucial role in collecting data. It recognizes various types of motions and sends this information to the cloud for analysis. By studying the dog’s past behavior patterns, the system can build a comprehensive profile of the dog’s nutritional needs for the day. Additionally, the technology has potential applications beyond tracking and feeding. It can also monitor a dog’s health conditions, such as seizures or diabetes, and provide valuable information to veterinarians for better diagnosis and treatment.

What sets this technology apart is its ability to adapt to a dog’s changing behavior patterns. It takes into account factors such as exercise levels, weather conditions, and the dog’s individual preferences. For example, if a dog typically receives more exercise on weekends, the technology will predict and adjust the feeding recommendations accordingly. Similarly, if it’s raining and the dog is less likely to go for a walk, the system will compensate for the reduced activity level. This ensures that the dog receives the appropriate amount of food each day, promoting a healthy weight and overall well-being.

While the specifics of the AI algorithms and technology used in this system are proprietary, the overall concept holds immense promise for dog owners. AI-powered dog tracking and feeding has the potential to revolutionize the way we care for our pets. By leveraging technology to understand a dog’s individual needs and behavior patterns, this innovation can help prevent obesity, promote overall health, and strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners.

Conclusion: AI makes for a healthier dog

In conclusion, AI-powered dog tracking and feeding is an innovative solution that addresses the issue of overfeeding and obesity in dogs. By accurately tracking a dog’s movements and using AI algorithms to determine its caloric expenditure, this technology provides precise feeding recommendations. The system adapts to a dog’s changing behavior patterns, ensuring that it receives the appropriate amount of food each day. Additionally, the technology can monitor a dog’s health conditions and provide valuable information to veterinarians. This groundbreaking technology has the potential to significantly improve the well-being of dogs and enhance the relationship between dogs and their owners.

The ilume pet tracker is currently available for pre-order. Current pre-orders are going for $300 with a limited number available. To pre-order yours, head to the company’s website.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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LumosTech: Improving sleep quality by harnessing light @ CES 2024

LumosTech sleep light therapyA new technology has been developed by LumosTech that uses light therapy to help manage an individual’s circadian rhythm, which is our body’s internal clock that dictates when we feel sleepy or awake. Aligning our sleep schedule with this natural rhythm can lead to more restful sleep. Conversely, sleeping outside of these natural rhythms can negatively impact the quality of our sleep.

LumosTech aims to address the challenges faced by individuals who work night shifts. Working a night shift can be brutal, and can be compared to flying to China and back in terms of its impact on the body. To combat this issue, LumosTech has created a night shift module that helps users adjust to their night shift schedule.

Light therapy mask regulates circadian rhythm

The technology behind the light therapy mask is based on research conducted at Stanford University. This research demonstrated that short light flashes can be used to regulate the human circadian clock. The mask uses this light therapy to activate the photosensitive receptors in the eyes, which then send signals to the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) in the brain. The SCN is a small region that controls the circadian clock. By stimulating the SCN with light flashes, the mask can effectively change an individual’s circadian rhythm, influencing when they need to sleep or should be sleeping.

Dr. Biquan Luo, CEO of LumosTech, touches upon the impact of natural light on our sleep and mood. She highlights how living in regions with limited sunlight, such as Maine or Seattle, can affect sleep and overall well-being. The mask helps compensate for this lack of natural light by providing light therapy that mimics the effects of sunlight.

Using the LumosTech mask

To personalize the mask’s functionality, users are required to answer a series of questions about their sleep schedules and biological profiles. Based on these answers, the mask can determine the user’s chronotype, whether they are naturally inclined to be early birds or night owls. Depending on the user’s specific needs, the mask offers different modules. For instance, there is a Beat Jetlag module for travelers, a night shift module for healthcare professionals, and a module for individuals experiencing seasonal affective disorder, which exposes them to morning light.

The mask allows users to adjust their bedtime and wake-up time, enabling them to adapt to changing schedules or overcome the effects of jet lag. The podcast host shares their own experience of working overnight shifts and the challenges of adjusting their sleep pattern when transitioning to a daytime shift.

Overall, the light therapy mask offers a promising solution for individuals struggling with sleep issues or disrupted circadian rhythms. By leveraging the power of light to regulate the internal clock, this technology has the potential to improve sleep quality and overall well-being.

Conclusion: The power of light can improve sleep

In conclusion, the night shift module developed by LumosTech offers a promising solution for individuals who work night shifts and struggle with disrupted sleep patterns. By using light therapy to regulate the internal clock, the module helps users adjust to their night shift schedule and experience improved sleep quality. With further development and expansion of the module’s capabilities, it has the potential to greatly benefit individuals with various sleep disorders and contribute to overall well-being.

The mask itself is described as incredibly light and comfortable to wear. It is currently only compatible with Apple devices and is priced at $298. The mask comes with a companion app that includes six modules to combat different types of sleep disorders. The company is also continuing to develop new modules to address various sleep issues.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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FlowIt: Transforming HR employee reviews and training @ CES 2024

FlowIt HR systemFlowIt offers revolutionary B2B SaaS software that is transforming the human resources landscape. This software is designed to enhance people development and minimize attrition costs. It tackles common HR challenges such as annual reviews, surveys, skill management, succession planning, and the integration of learning and management into everyday life.

HR software that reduces attrition

Traditionally, many companies have relied on inefficient methods like paper-pencil processes, Excel files, and Word files to manage personal development. These methods are perceived as inefficient, painful, and disliked by employees and leaders alike. FlowIt recognized the need for timely solutions that are agile, engaging, and integrated into the workflow with minimal effort.

FlowIt’s system aims to make people development fun for users, engaging for leaders, and effective and powerful for the board and HR. By providing a user-friendly interface and streamlining processes, the software frees up time for leaders and HR professionals to focus on tasks they love. It also reduces the cost of attrition by addressing the pain points that often lead to employee turnover.

Simplifying the onboarding process

One specific pain point that FlowIt addresses is the onboarding process. Onboarding new employees involves paperwork, document verification, and ensuring they have the necessary resources and training. FlowIt’s software offers a Learn Management System (LMS) that guides new employees through a comprehensive onboarding journey.

The system includes training, safety protocols, welcome messages from CHROs and COs, and all the necessary resources and links. By providing a structured onboarding experience, FlowIt aims to make new employees feel comfortable and engaged, reducing churn in the first few months.

Employee reviews are no longer a pain

FlowIt’s software also tackles the annual review process, which often poses challenges for both employees and managers. Traditional methods, such as lengthy Word files with numerous questions, often result in employees disliking the process and the discussions being overlooked. FlowIt’s digital system engages all employees, including frontline workers who are often underserved.

The software is designed to be agile, intuitive, and multilingual, ensuring everyone can participate. By capturing ongoing highlights and lowlights throughout the year, the software eliminates the need for employees to recall their achievements from months ago during the annual review. This ongoing process allows for a more accurate and comprehensive review, focusing on tangible actions rather than friction and pain points.

Brag sheet for employee evaluations

One specific feature of FlowIt’s HR software that stands out is the “brag sheet” for employee evaluations. This feature allows supervisors to track and document the accomplishments and achievements of their team members on a quarterly basis. The supervisor provides each employee with a brag sheet, where they can highlight their accomplishments and successes during the quarter. This information is then stored in the employee’s file and used to build their annual evaluation.

The brag sheet serves multiple purposes. First, it allows employees to showcase their achievements and contributions to the organization. This not only boosts their morale and sense of accomplishment but also provides a clear record of their performance over time. Second, it provides supervisors with valuable information when it comes time to make decisions about promotions and career advancement. By having documented evidence of an employee’s accomplishments, supervisors have the ammunition they need to advocate for their team members and ensure that deserving individuals are recognized and rewarded.

Furthermore, the brag sheet feature helps solve the challenge of identifying top performers and differentiating them from underperformers. With a clear record of each employee’s accomplishments, supervisors can easily identify the top workers and make informed decisions about promotions and career development opportunities. This eliminates the need for subjective evaluations and ensures that promotions are based on merit and documented evidence.

FlowIt’s HR software takes the concept of the brag sheet even further by providing a digital platform where all feedback, results, and evaluations are stored and accessible to employees, managers, and HR professionals. The software uses AI to analyze the data and create dashboards that provide valuable insights for proactive decision-making. This includes career plans, recommendations for actions, and even anonymous employee feedback.

Conclusion: A simplified HR experience

Overall, FlowIt‘s HR software is revolutionizing the way companies approach people development and reducing attrition. By addressing pain points, streamlining processes, and providing an engaging and user-friendly experience, the software empowers HR professionals to effectively manage and develop their workforce. With the ability to measure audience engagement, host audio and video content, and provide detailed analytics, software platforms like FlowIt’s offer a comprehensive solution for HR departments seeking to improve employee satisfaction, reduce attrition, and ultimately boost the bottom line.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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Dyness keeps you powered during adventures and emergencies @ CES 2024

Dyness portable power stationA portable battery pack for camping is a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts who want to stay connected and powered up while enjoying the great outdoors. During CES 2024, Spencer Thompson from Dyness introduced their E-Pearl 1000W battery power pack, a product specifically designed for camping and other outdoor activities.

Portable battery pack for camping

The Dyness E-Pearl 1000W battery power pack boasts a capacity of 1000 watts, making it suitable for charging a wide range of devices such as laptops, phones, and even small appliances like tiny fridges. It is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and transport during camping trips. Thompson mentioned that it is a popular choice among campers in Utah, where camping is a common recreational activity.

The E-Pearl 1000W battery power pack stands out from other similar products in the market in a few ways. Firstly, it has a handle that makes it more comfortable and mobile compared to other models. Additionally, as Dyness is the manufacturer, they are able to offer the product at a competitive price point. The retail price for the Dyness battery power pack is around $900.

While the Dyness battery power pack is not designed to power an entire house, it is more than capable of providing enough power for a day or day and a half at a campsite. It can easily charge devices like cell phones and provide lighting without draining the battery too quickly. For those who require more power, Dyness also offers a larger model with a capacity of 1,500 watts.

A variety of power options

One of the standout features of the Dyness battery power pack is its versatile charging options. It includes a 60-watt USB, a normal USB 2.4 amp, and a quick-charge 18-watt port. It also has the ability to power devices using a standard power outlet. This means that you can power just about any device that you have or need, whether it be a small cooking surface while camping or a cell phone during a power outage.

As for charging the power pack itself, it has the capability to be charged through solar input, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for campers who want to harness the power of the sun. It can also charge using a wall socket or a DC plug, like in a car. With these options, you can power the pack off of a vehicle or generator in an emergency, or directly from the sun while out camping.

Conclusion: A powerful battery for outdoor adventures

In conclusion, the Dyness E-Pearl 1000W battery power pack is an excellent choice for campers looking for a reliable and portable power source. With its high capacity, versatile charging options, and competitive pricing, it offers a convenient solution for staying connected and powered up while enjoying the great outdoors. Whether it’s charging devices, running small appliances, or providing lighting, the Dyness battery power pack is a valuable companion for camping trips and other outdoor adventures.

For those interested in purchasing the Dyness battery power pack or exploring their full line of products, their website is the place to go. The website showcases their range of portable battery packs and home battery systems, making it easy for customers to find the product that suits their needs.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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Y-Brush: A unique toothbrush with a shape to match @ CES 2024

Y-Brush automated toothbrushY-Brush, a novel electric toothbrush, boasts a Y-shaped design that enables it to clean all your teeth at once in a mere 20 seconds. The brainchild of Benjamin, the founder and CEO of Y-Brush, this invention was inspired by his curiosity about why teeth brushing hadn’t been automated like other household chores. His goal was to make teeth brushing more efficient and ensure people brush for the dentist-recommended two minutes.

An electric toothbrush with a unique design

The Y-Brush uses ultrasound technology and requires the use of normal toothpaste. It has a built-in timer that alerts you when it’s time to switch to the bottom row of teeth. The toothbrush has nylon bristles that are gentle on the teeth and provide effective cleaning. According to Y-Brush, using this toothbrush has resulted in less plaque and improved angles for brushing.

The toothbrush is already on the market and has received positive customer feedback. It has been available in Europe for a couple of years and recently launched in the US. The Y-Brush even has a rating of 4.2 or 4.3 on Trustpilot and has gained a significant number of users.

The price point for the Y-Brush varies depending on the model, with the featured model costing $99. There are also other models available for $79, and various packs with accessories can be purchased as well.

New Duo Brush coming soon

During CES 2024, it was announced that a new product called the Duo Brush is coming out next month. The Duo Brush is a pack that includes a longer handle and a head brush. The purpose of this new pack is to provide customers with options and allow them to try out both the traditional brush and the head brush.

The reason for including both options in the pack is that the company has noticed that some people are hesitant to switch to the head brush and prefer the more familiar traditional brush. By offering both options in one pack, customers can try them both out and decide which one they prefer.

An effective new approach to brushing

Jad Sassine, the Business Partnership Manager from Y-Brush, who personally uses the toothbrush, initially had doubts about its effectiveness. However, after using it and receiving positive feedback from their dentist, they became a believer in the product. They emphasize that even though the brushing time is significantly reduced to 20 seconds, the results are still impressive.

Conclusion: Y-Brush is a great brushing choice

In conclusion, the Y-Brush is an electric toothbrush with a unique design that allows for simultaneous brushing of all teeth in just 20 seconds. It uses ultrasound technology and has received positive customer feedback for its effectiveness in reducing plaque. The toothbrush is available in different models and price points, and the company has plans to launch new products, including a Universal Head Brush. To purchase your own, you can head to the company’s website or their Amazon store. The website provides further information about the Y-Brush, including its features and benefits.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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