Introducing Minitailz: The small smart collar for dogs @ CES 2024

Minitailz smart dog collarKeeping track of your dog’s health needs can be a challenge. They are incapable of telling you directly what is happening in their bodies – they can only give suggestions and hints. However, with technology, we can give our dogs a voice in their health situations. With the newest generation of Minitailz by Invoxia, dog owners get this and a lot more, like GPS tracking and activity tracking. This innovative device offers a range of features that are beneficial for both dog owners and their furry companions.

Smart collar for dogs with GPS and health tracking

One of the most significant features of the Minitailz is its health-tracking capabilities. It can measure a dog’s resting heart rate and respiratory rates, providing valuable information about their overall health. Additionally, the device can diagnose a common heart condition in dogs called atrial fibrillation (AFib).

AFib is a type of arrhythmia that affects about 10% of dogs and becomes more common as dogs age. The Minitailz can detect AFib early, allowing owners to seek treatment before it becomes a more serious issue. This feature is especially important because dogs cannot communicate their symptoms, making it challenging for owners to identify health problems. Around 25% of dogs develop AFib by the age of 12. This highlights the importance of having a device like the Minitailz to monitor a dog’s health and catch potential issues early on.

The Minitailz also has activity tracking, which allows owners to monitor their dog’s daily activities. It can track activities such as walking, trotting, running, eating, and drinking. This feature provides owners with a detailed understanding of their dog’s daily routine and helps them ensure their pet is getting enough exercise and staying healthy.

The Minitailz utilizes AI technology to analyze the collected data and identify abnormalities and variations. It compares the dog’s data to its own baseline from previous months, weeks, and days. It also compares the data to other dogs within the same breed group. This comparative analysis helps determine if there are any deviations from normal patterns.

Active and passive GPS tracking

The GPS tracking feature allows dog owners to keep track of their pets and prevent them from getting lost. This is especially useful for dog owners who live in areas with a high risk of their dogs running away. It also includes geofencing, which allows owners to set up virtual boundaries for their dogs. If the dog goes beyond these boundaries, the owner receives a notification. This feature is particularly useful for preventing dogs from running away or getting lost.

Regarding the device’s functionality, it has live tracking capabilities but conserves battery life by defaulting to batch processing. The device triggers notifications when there is something of interest, such as the dog leaving the predefined zone. The data is stored in the device’s cache until it is ready to be processed and sent.

In terms of design, the Minitailz has been made smaller and more comfortable to fit both small and large dogs.

Conclusion: A small device to help your dog’s health

In conclusion, the Minitailz is a smart collar for dogs that offers GPS tracking, activity tracking, and health tracking features. It provides dog owners with valuable information about their pet’s whereabouts, daily activities, and overall health. The device’s ability to diagnose atrial fibrillation and its geofencing capabilities make it a valuable tool for dog owners concerned about their pet’s safety and well-being.

The device is priced at $99, and there is a monthly subscription fee of $8.50. The device is available for purchase on the Invoxia website or their Amazon store.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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Revolution Cooking: The future of heating technology @ CES 2024

Revolution Cooking Macrowave OvenEverything is smart these days. Phones, watches, automobiles, and even refrigerators. So, what else is out there? Well, a few years ago Revolution Cooking answered that question with a toaster. That’s right a smart toaster. This year, the company has taken what they learned with the Revolution Toaster and applied it to something bigger: the Macrowave Smart Oven. We stopped in and had a chat with Tom Klaff with Revolution Cooking at CES Unveiled.

Revolution Cooking’s InstaGLO technology

Revolution Cooking’s InstaGLO technology is a groundbreaking innovation that aims to revolutionize the way we cook and heat food. The technology was developed by Tom Klaff, the co-founder and CEO of Revolution Cooking, who sought to address the common issues faced in traditional toasters, ovens, and microwaves.

The inspiration behind InstaGLO came from Klaff’s observation of the slow heating process in toasters and ovens, as well as the lackluster taste of microwave-cooked food. He identified the Calrod, which is a thick wire made of nichrome, as the culprit behind these problems. The Calrod takes a long time to heat up, resulting in prolonged toasting and preheating times, as well as subpar food quality in microwaves.

Creating the Revolution Toaster

To overcome these challenges, Revolution Cooking invented InstaGLO, a new heating system that offers faster and more efficient heat transfer to food. Unlike the Calrod, InstaGLO heats up rapidly, allowing for quicker toasting and cooking times. This core technology was first integrated into a toaster in 2019, resulting in the launch of the popular Revolution Toaster, which quickly became the number-one-selling toaster on Amazon.

The Revolution Toaster features a sleek design with a touchscreen interface, making it both visually appealing and user-friendly. Users have praised its ability to toast bread quickly and effectively, thanks to the InstaGLO technology.

Beyond toasters: Introducing the Macrowave

Building on the success of the Revolution Toaster, Revolution Cooking has now introduced a new product called the Macrowave. The Macrowave combines the best qualities of a microwave, an air fryer, and a conventional oven into a single appliance. By retrofitting the core heating system of InstaGLO into a larger cavity, Revolution Cooking has created a versatile cooking appliance that can cook food faster, better, and tastier.

The Macrowave boasts a one cubic foot interior, making it comparable in size to a standard microwave. However, it offers much more functionality and cooking options. With its intuitive touchscreen interface, users can operate the Macrowave as a best-in-class microwave, air fryer, oven, baking system, rotisserie system, or even a pizza oven. The appliance also comes with preset recipes, allowing for easy and convenient cooking.

One of the key advantages of InstaGLO technology is its ability to heat and crisp food simultaneously. Unlike traditional ovens that require preheating, the Macrowave can achieve both heating and crisping without the need for preheating. This is made possible by the efficient heat transfer of InstaGLO, which utilizes standard 120 volt, 15 amp power commonly found in homes.

The Macrowave’s versatility and efficiency make it an ideal appliance for various cooking needs. It can handle complex recipes that require timed heating and crisping, such as puff pastry. With its smart oven capabilities, users can program their own recipes and even perform tasks that typically require both microwaving and oven preheating in a single step.

Revolution Cooking’s InstaGLO technology is a game-changing innovation that addresses the limitations of traditional toasters, ovens, and microwaves. By utilizing a new heating system that heats up rapidly and offers efficient heat transfer, Revolution Cooking has created appliances that can toast bread faster, cook food better, and provide a superior culinary experience. With the success of the Revolution Toaster and the upcoming launch of the Macrowave, Revolution Cooking is truly redefining the way we cook and heat our food.

Macrowave Smart Oven launching in Q4

While the Revolution Toaster is already available on the market and has gained significant popularity, the Macrowave is still in production. However, with its impressive features and capabilities, it is poised to be another game-changer in the cooking appliance industry.

Revolution Cooking is set to launch their new oven, the Macrowave Smart Oven, in the fourth quarter of this year. The company sees a natural fit for their product in the extended stay hotel market, where guests often need the ability to cook everyday food without relying on delivery services like DoorDash. The Macrowave Smart Oven is designed to take up very little space in a suite, making it an ideal option for hotels.

However, Revolution Cooking also recognizes the potential for their oven in other markets. They mention interest in the micro markets and commercial side, particularly in front of house settings. Additionally, they believe that people who use the oven in hotels will want to have it in their own homes as well. As a result, Revolution Cooking plans to market and sell the Macrowave in the residential market.

In terms of timing, Revolution Cooking expects both the consumer and commercial versions of the oven to be available by the end of the year. This suggests that the development and production processes for both versions are relatively similar.

In Conclusion

As for pricing, Revolution Cooking plans to crowdsource information in the next couple of weeks to gauge demand and determine the appropriate price point. They estimate that the oven will cost between $1,200 and $1,800, including all accessories and updates. The oven is a connected system, making it an evergreen product that can be continuously updated.

Overall, the Macrowave Smart Oven is making exciting advancements in heating technology. Revolution Cooking’s InstaGLO technology offers a rapid heating system with efficient heat transfer, addressing the limitations of the toasters, ovens, and microwaves that we currently use. With the success of their Revolution Toaster and the upcoming launch of the Macrowave Smart Oven, they are well on their way to revolutionizing the overall cooking process.

To stay updated on the launch and Kickstarter campaign, Revolution Cooking encourages interested individuals to visit their website. They plan to make an announcement about the Kickstarter soon and will provide updates on their website. If you’re interested in owning a smart toaster of your own, you can pick one up on Amazon.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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.lumen: A new era of navigation for the visually impaired @ CES 2024

.lumen visually impaired guidanceTechnology has the power to transform the lives of people with disabilities, providing them with greater independence and opportunities. Haptic feedback glasses for the visually impaired are a groundbreaking development designed to uplift the lives of these individuals. Cornel Amariei, the CEO and founder of .lumen, is committed to creating glasses that mimic the primary functions of a guide dog.

Glasses for blind with haptic feedback

One of the major issues facing blind people is the limited availability of guide dogs, with only 28,000 dogs serving the 40 million blind people worldwide. The cost of training a guide dog, which amounts to around $70,000, and the extensive effort required from blind individuals make guide dogs a non-scalable solution. To address this issue, .lumen has developed glasses that utilize self-driving technology and a patented haptic feedback interface.

The .lumen glasses function similarly to a guide dog, pulling the user’s head instead of their hand. The haptic feedback creates the sensation of something holding and pulling the head in the direction the user needs to go, avoiding obstacles and ensuring safety. The company has been testing with over 250 blind individuals internationally and has shown the glasses to be incredibly effective, even surpassing the capabilities of guide dogs.

In terms of functionality, the .lumen glasses can be directed to guide the user to specific locations or provide general guidance. The glasses compute obstacle positions a hundred times per second, ensuring seamless navigation. The haptic feedback on the forehead provides intuitive guidance, allowing blind individuals to navigate their surroundings without the need for a physical guide.

Why haptic feedback instead of audio alerts

The decision to incorporate haptic feedback into the glasses was driven by the desire to provide non-intrusive yet informative feedback. Blind individuals heavily rely on their hearing, so audio feedback was deemed unsuitable. By utilizing haptics, .lumen ensures that the feedback is intuitive and easily understandable. The head was chosen as the feedback location due to its natural inclination to turn and gather information about the surroundings.

Similar to guide dogs, which do not bark when there is an obstacle but rather guide the individual around it, the glasses use haptics to gently steer the user. The glasses are engineered to handle complex outdoor challenges, such as distinguishing between the sidewalk and the road, through extensive AI training and data analysis.

The decision to develop glasses with haptic feedback stemmed from the desire to address the limitations of guide dogs and provide a scalable solution for the millions of blind individuals who cannot have access to a guide dog. Amariei’s passion for improving the lives of blind individuals is evident in his dedication to creating a product that not only replicates the capabilities of guide dogs but also exceeds them in some cases.

The origins of .lumen

Amariei shares his personal experience growing up in a family of people with disabilities and how it inspired them to create technology specifically for this community. He mentions that he comes from Eastern Europe, specifically Transylvania, where he witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by people with disabilities.

However, he also recognized the potential of technology to address these challenges. Coming from a background in automotive, specifically autonomous driving, he understood the capabilities of technology and saw an opportunity to create something better.

Conclusion: Haptics make for a safer and scalable experience

It is important to note that, in terms of price, it is not intended for the blind individuals themselves to pay for it. Instead, they are exploring reimbursement and subsidy programs, such as those found in Europe, to ensure that the technology is accessible and affordable for those who need it.

In conclusion, the development of glasses for the blind with haptic feedback represents a significant advancement in assistive technology. These glasses have the potential to transform the lives of blind individuals by providing them with a reliable, intuitive, and scalable solution for navigation and obstacle avoidance. With further advancements in technology and increased accessibility, glasses like Lumen’s have the power to empower blind individuals and enable them to live more independent and fulfilling lives.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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2Pi Optics’ cutting-edge lenses bring the future into focus @ CES 2024

2Pi Optics sensor lensesInnovative optics technology is a cutting-edge field that aims to revolutionize the way we capture and perceive images. The technology developed by 2Pi Incorporated, an MIT spin-off startup, focuses on creating lenses for sensors, cameras, and consumer electronic devices like AR/VR headsets. The optics technology has been under development for the last decade, with 2Pi Optics working on this specific lens technology for the last three years.

How 2Pi Optics’ lenses work

The company’s focus is on achieving high-resolution and crisp images in sensor arrays used by various manufacturers. 2Pi Optics does this by leveraging wafer-scale semiconductor manufacturing capabilities for high-volume, low-cost, and scalable flat optics production and integration.

The 2Pi Optics lens replaces the conventional stack of lenses with a single, thin piece of glass known as metasurface flat optics to overcome the fundamental limitations of traditional optical systems. This transformative technology preserves and can even improve optical performance, while achieving smaller form factors, lighter weights, better accuracy, and lower costs in the process.

The design prioritizes discrete wavelengths, which means that the lenses are optimized for specific colors or wavelengths. For instance, they can isolate infrared wavelengths, while disregarding other colors, which is particularly useful in AR/VR products where color accuracy may not be critical.

Traditional lenses sometimes sacrifice stability and clarity for specific features or functions. However, the technology developed by 2Pi Incorporated aims to overcome these limitations by providing precise sensor images without compromising either. 2Pi Incorporated has rolled out prototypes and samples, and partnered with sensor module integrators who will integrate their lenses into their sensors and sell them to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) like Apple, Matter, and Microsoft.

Advantages of single glass lenses

One of the key advantages of this innovative optics lens technology is its cost-effectiveness. By utilizing a single piece of glass and employing low-cost manufacturing techniques typically used for computer chips, the production cost is significantly reduced. Assembly and packaging costs are also minimized, making the technology not only performance-enhancing but also economically viable.

While the lenses are made from thin glass, they are designed to be tough and durable. They provide a wider field of view and are unaffected by variations in temperature. They can be directly bonded onto image sensors, creating a monolithic piece that improves the overall ruggedness of the device. 2Pi Optics lenses can be used in a variety of consumer electronics devices, in industry automation, and automotive technologies.

Conclusion: 2Pi Optics brings improved performance and reduced costs into clear view

In conclusion, the innovative lens technology developed by 2Pi Incorporated is disrupting optics in the best way possible. By replacing conventional stack lenses with a single, thin piece of glass, this technology delivers high performance and reduced size, weight, power and cost, enhancing the overall consumer experience. With partnerships in place and a product launch on the horizon, it is an exciting time for the future of optics lens technology. While currently in prototype phase, a full product launch is expected in 2024.

For more information on the technology, you can email or visit 2Pi Optics’ website for more information.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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grivix is Revolutionizing Heavy-Duty Vehicle Charging @ CES 2024

grivix heavy vehicle chargingFast charging for heavy-duty vehicles is a revolutionary concept that aims to address the challenges faced by industries such as mining, ports, and long-haul transportation. Marc-Andre Beck, the CEO and founder of grivix, discusses the need for fast charging solutions for heavy-duty vehicles and introduces their innovative technology.

Fast charging for heavy-duty vehicles

Currently, heavy-duty vehicles like big caterpillars in mines or vehicles in ports are not electrified. Even if they are electrified, the existing infrastructure takes a significant amount of time to charge them. However, in industries that operate 24/7, such as mines and ports, vehicles need to be charged quickly, within minutes, to ensure uninterrupted operations. This is where grivix comes in with their fast charging solution.

grivix has developed a charging system that can charge heavy-duty vehicles at a speed of up to 6 MW, which is double the speed of filling gasoline into a vehicle. This is more than 10 times faster than Tesla’s supercharger. The charging process is fully automated, with the vehicle being guided to the charging spot with a precision of 50 centimeters based on ultrawideband technology. Once the vehicle is in position, the system disables the drivetrain, and the connector is automatically recognized and plugged in. The system can deliver up to 4,000 amps, enabling even the charging of large 250-ton caterpillars in a few minutes.

The autonomous aspect of grivix’s technology is a significant feature. The charging system utilizes ultrawideband technology to guide the vehicle to the charging spot with a precision of 15 centimeters. This technology allows for autonomous charging, but it also integrates with the vehicle’s display system, enabling manual control if required.

Immense speed without battery damage

One of the key questions is how fast charging can be achieved without damaging the battery. Beck explains that the technology is compatible with lithium titanate batteries, which are capable of being charged at 10C. The difference in battery chemistry allows for the incredible speed without damaging the batteries. If you were to try the same thing with a standard lithium-ion battery, it would destroy the chemicals and potentially create a fire.

For regular lithium batteries, the maximum charging speed is 3C, which translates to about 20 minutes for a typical 20 to 80% charge. However, sophisticated cooling systems are required to prevent overheating during the charging process. These batteries are expensive but allow for rapid charging, making them an acceptable expense for industries that need to prioritize speed over cost.

Who is grivix designed for?

The target demographic for grivix’s fast charging solution is industries that rely on heavy-duty vehicles for their operations. Mining companies, ports, and long-haul transportation companies are among the potential customers who can benefit from this technology. The ability to charge heavy-duty vehicles quickly and efficiently will significantly reduce downtime and increase productivity in these industries.

While grivix is currently in the proof of concept phase, they plan to roll out their charging stations in controlled environments such as mines and ports in the coming months. Regulatory considerations may delay their deployment in public areas. However, the company aims to ramp up production and make their fast charging technology more widely available by the end of the year.

Conclusion: Ultra-fast charging for a focused market

In conclusion, fast charging for heavy-duty vehicles is a game-changing technology that addresses the need for rapid charging in industries that operate 24/7. grivix‘s innovative solution offers charging speeds of up to 6 MW, fully automated charging processes, and integration with autonomous and manual control systems. While still in the proof of concept phase, grivix aims to roll out their charging stations in controlled environments and eventually make its technology more widely available. This advancement in fast charging technology has the potential to revolutionize heavy-duty industries and accelerate the adoption of electric mobility.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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Linxura Smart Controller: A game-changer for smart homes @ CES 2024

Linxura Smart ControllerLinxura, a smart controller for home automation, can manage up to 52 smart devices, including lights, shades, and door locks. The controller is equipped with a screen that can simultaneously display four devices. By rotating a wheel, one can navigate between different devices. It provides various control options, such as a single click for activation, a double click for deactivation, or a toggle function. For instance, the volume of a speaker or the intensity of a light can be adjusted by clicking and rotating the wheel.

Smart controller for home automation

The Linxura Smart Controller can directly control a wide range of devices, and it can also be integrated with popular smart home platforms like Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT. Additionally, the controller will soon support Samsung SmartThings, Apple HomeKit, and the Matter Protocol. This compatibility ensures that users can control thousands of devices, with more being added regularly.

To configure the controller, users need to download the Linxura app and connect the controller to their Wi-Fi network. The app supports direct control of certain devices like Sonos, Philips Hue, and LIFX. For devices not directly supported, users can set them up through other platforms like Alexa or Google Home. Users can create actions or routines to control their devices by connecting the app to these platforms.

In terms of battery life, the Linxura Smart Controller offers a long-lasting battery that ensures users can rely on it for extended periods without needing to constantly recharge. This is especially important for those who heavily rely on their smart devices and want a controller that can keep up with their daily needs.

A vast array of compatible devices

One of the standout features of the Linxura Smart Controller is its compatibility with various platforms. Users can connect and control their smart devices from different brands and platforms, making it a versatile and convenient tool for managing their smart home. Whether it’s controlling lights, thermostats, security cameras, or other smart devices, the Linxura Smart Controller can seamlessly integrate with them all.

Additionally, the Linxura Smart Controller boasts extensive device support. This means that users can connect and control a wide range of smart devices, ensuring that they can manage all aspects of their smart home from a single device. The ability to control multiple devices from one central hub simplifies the user experience and eliminates the need for multiple apps or controllers.

Flexibility in your hand or on the wall

Another exciting feature of the Linxura Smart Controller is its programmable capabilities. Users can customize and create their automation routines, allowing them to set specific actions or schedules for their smart devices. Whether it’s turning on the lights at a certain time, adjusting the thermostat based on the weather, or activating security features when leaving the house, the Linxura Smart Controller offers flexibility and personalization in home automation.

The controller is designed with convenience and flexibility in mind. It can be mounted on a wall or placed on a tabletop, and it has a backlight for easy visibility in the dark. The device has a long battery life, lasting up to three months on a single charge.

The company is also working on a new feature that provides real-time feedback on device settings. For example, if a user adjusts the thermostat, the controller will display the current temperature percentage. This feature enhances the user experience and allows for precise control over devices.

Conclusion: An inexpensive controller for your whole smart home

Overall, the Linxura Smart Controller offers a comprehensive solution for controlling and managing smart devices in the home. Its compatibility with various platforms, extensive device support, and programmable features make it a convenient and powerful tool for home automation. With its user-friendly interface and long battery life, the Linxura Smart Controller provides a seamless and efficient way to control and customize the smart home experience.

The Linxura Smart Controller is priced at $99.99 and comes in multiple colors. To purchase one for yourself, check out their website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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Nimagna: Unleashing the power of AI in video communications @ CES 2024

Nimagna AI virtual studioVideo communication has become an integral part of our lives, especially in recent times when remote work and virtual meetings have become the norm. However, traditional video calls and presentations often lack the engagement and connection that comes with in-person interactions. That’s where Nimagna, a Swiss startup, comes in, revolutionizing video communications with the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

Revolutionizing video communications with AI

Nimagna, founded by Stephan Stadler, a computer science expert with a background in computer graphics, aims to bring the capabilities of professional TV broadcasts to video communications for everyone. Stadler’s previous company, LibraVision, was responsible for the graphics seen on ESPN and Fox Sports broadcasts. Now, with Nimagna, he is applying his expertise in visualization and camera analysis to transform video communications.

The goal of Nimagna is to eliminate the dullness and lack of engagement in video presentations. Stadler understands that when using platforms like Zoom or Teams for presentations, the presenter often becomes small on the screen, losing the human connection with the audience. Nimagna’s solution is to create an immersive and captivating video experience without the need for extensive setups or gear.

How Nimagna’s software works

Using AI, Nimagna’s software allows users to be cut out of their background environment and placed on a three-dimensional virtual stage. This stage can be augmented with various content, such as PowerPoint slides, images, and videos. The movements and transitions on this virtual stage are all controlled by AI, creating a dynamic and visually appealing presentation. What’s remarkable is that this can be achieved with just two static cameras, eliminating the need for expensive pan-tilt-zoom cameras.

The output of the Nimagna software appears as a webcam, making it compatible with popular video conferencing platforms such as Teams, Zoom, and Webex. Users can also use their favorite recording devices to capture the content. The software enables live streaming of presentations during video calls and allows users to record and share their content on social media platforms or professional networks like LinkedIn.

The quality of the Nimagna software’s output is a key focus for the company. As computer graphics experts, they strive to deliver high-quality visuals. While there may be some pixelation or artifacting, especially in more challenging environments, the software generally provides a solid and visually appealing experience. The founders acknowledge that achieving pixel-perfect quality similar to what is seen on professional broadcasts is challenging but state that for 99% of use cases, Nimagna’s output is more than sufficient.

The possibilities are literally endless

The possibilities that Nimagna presents are truly game-changing. It allows individuals and organizations to have access to the kind of professional studios and setups that were once only available to big-budget productions. The ability to create visually stunning presentations and engage audiences on a deeper level opens up new opportunities for businesses, educators, and content creators.

Imagine being able to stand inside a multi-million dollar studio, controlling the virtual stage with AI, and delivering a presentation that captivates your audience. Nimagna’s technology makes this possible, democratizing video communications and empowering individuals to create high-quality content without the need for extensive resources.

Conclusion: Nimagna makes presentations more engaging

In conclusion, Nimagna’s AI-powered video communication technology is revolutionizing the way we engage with virtual presentations. By bringing professional-grade capabilities to everyone, Nimagna empowers individuals and organizations to create visually stunning and engaging content. As we continue to navigate the world of remote work and virtual interactions, innovations like Nimagna’s offer a glimpse into the future of video communications.

The software is available today for Windows and macOS. The company offers a few pricing options starting at free and going up to Enterprise licensing for large corporations and more custom needs. To learn more or download the software, head over to their website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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Neewer illuminates content creation with lighting and sound @ CES 2024

Neewer lighting and audio equipmentCost-effective lighting and audio equipment are essential for content creation, be it for YouTube streaming, podcasting, or other types of media production. Brandon Wolfe, the director of public relations for Neewer, shares the company’s commitment to offering budget-friendly lighting solutions. These products empower creators to display their skills and creativity to a global audience.

Affordable lighting gear

Neewer offers a range of lighting products that are not only affordable but also powerful enough for content creation. One notable feature of their lights is their full RGB capability, which allows for a wide range of colors and lighting effects. Additionally, these lights have both hot and cold options, providing flexibility for different lighting needs. The lights also come with cold shoe mounts, allowing users to easily snap them together to create a larger lighting setup.

What sets Neewer apart is its innovative approach to lighting. They have designed their lights to be modular, similar to Lego blocks, enabling users to build and customize their lighting grids according to their specific requirements. This flexibility is especially useful in situations where the lighting conditions are challenging or when more powerful lighting is needed.

Furthermore, Neewer has also taken into consideration the convenience of its users. For instance, their small stick lights are not only mountable but also magnetic, allowing them to be easily attached to metal surfaces. This feature makes them ideal for on-the-go situations, as they can be separated and stored in pockets when not in use.

New audio equipment for creators

In addition to lighting gear, Neewer has also ventured into the audio department with their new Lavalier microphones. The dual microphone set offers two mics with standard and magnetic clips, allowing you to attach them to any clothing. They each offer the ability to connect a wired microphone to them, allowing for a more versatile experience.

The receiver can connect to nearly any device in a variety of ways. It can connect to a phone via USB-C or Lightning, or to a camera using the line-out connection. Being able to swap the receiver between devices with ease means being able to use it for different styles and scales of production. You can also monitor the receiver with headphones.

As with other mics in this category, Neewer is working on accessories to allow you to repurpose the mics. For example, other products in the category offer the ability to turn it into a handheld microphone. These products are not yet on the market, but are in development.

These microphones have received positive feedback from reviewers and influencers for their exceptional performance. Despite their high quality, Neewer has managed to keep the price point of these microphones at an affordable $129, which is significantly lower than competing brands in the market.

The affordability of Neewer’s lighting and audio gear is a significant differentiator for the company. While other brands may offer similar products, they often come with a much higher price tag. Neewer aims to eliminate the barrier of entry for creators by providing high-quality gear at an accessible price point. They believe that showcasing one’s talents should not be limited by the size of their wallet.

Conclusion: Neewer helps creators with affordable lighting and audio gear

In conclusion, affordable lighting and audio gear, such as those offered by Neewer, are essential tools for content creators. These products not only provide the necessary illumination and sound quality but also offer flexibility, convenience, and affordability. Neewer’s commitment to offering high-quality gear at accessible prices allows creators to focus on their craft without worrying about breaking the bank. With Neewer’s lighting and audio solutions, creators can confidently showcase their talents and creativity to the world.

The lighting products shown range from $26 to $200 and the CM28 microphone costs $129. To pick up your own Neewer products, head to their website or Amazon store.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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IoTize: French startup’s journey into IoT-connected designs @ CES 2024

IoTize IoT development systemIoTize, a French startup, provides a no-code solution for IoT (Internet of Things) through a small module. Steve Gessenhoven, the marketing communications manager for IoTize, shares that the company initially supplied tools for designing embedded systems. As they began to receive customer inquiries about IoT-connected designs, they recognized that their embedded systems technology could streamline the design process and remove the need for complex coding.

No-code IoT solution with module

The core of the IoTize solution is a module that can be plugged directly into a microcontroller to retrieve and transmit data without modifying the original code. To demonstrate the capabilities of the module, the company’s designers integrated it with a robot. They configured the module with the addresses where the desired data resides, allowing them to control the robot without any coding required.

The core of the module itself is its I/O (input/output) interface. I/O is used to connect the module to the debugging port of the microcontroller of an electronic board, in the provided example this was the robot, providing full access to all the memory. However, for final products, where leaving a debugging port open is not feasible, the same pins reserved for the debugging port can be used to create a secured access based on the module’s configuration.

Software to streamline the process

In addition to the module, IoTize provides a simple configuration environment and a mobile app that serves as an off-boarded human-machine interface. The mobile app allows users to create a dashboard with different controls associated with the variables identified in the system. For example, buttons can be assigned to turn left, turn right, move forward, or move backward. The app also includes settings for different sensitivities and a monitoring screen that displays data from sensors, such as a radar that detects obstacles.

The main goal of the no-code solution is to provide a plug-and-play, configuration-only approach. However, there are instances where additional coding may be required for more advanced functionalities. To address this, IoTize provides an environment called IoT App Creator, which runs on a PC and offers a drag-and-drop interface for associating variables with buttons, sliders, and graphs. This environment also includes a data flow editor that allows users to combine variables and apply conversions, as well as add Java code for more specialized tasks.

Once the user interface is created and configured, IoTize’s app builder, based on the Ionic toolset, generates native apps for iOS, Android, or web apps that can run on a PC browser. These apps can also be used as cloud dashboards to bring data to the cloud. The generated apps contain all the necessary code, allowing users to further customize and work with the code if desired.

Conclusion: A small device with a robust impact on IoT

When it comes to pricing, IoTize offers a competitive range for their industrial modules. The development kit for these modules is priced at $49, making it accessible for businesses and individuals looking to experiment and develop IoT applications. For small volumes of the device, the price per piece is around $15, which further makes it an affordable option for industrial applications.

For those interested in learning more about IoTize’s platform and its offerings, the company’s website is a valuable resource. It provides information on all their product lines, recently released software, and other relevant details. The website serves as a one-stop destination for anyone looking to explore and engage with IoTize’s solutions.

Overall, IoTize’s industrial modules offer a practical and cost-effective solution for businesses in need of IoT integration. With their availability through popular distributors and competitive pricing, these modules present an accessible option for a wide range of industrial applications. IoTize’s commitment to expanding their product line and providing a comprehensive ecosystem further solidifies their position as a leader in the IoT industry. Their no-code solution and user-friendly approach make it easier for individuals and businesses to harness the power of IoT technology and drive innovation in their respective industries.

In conclusion, IoTize’s no-code IoT solution offers a streamlined approach to designing, implementing, and retrofitting IoT-connected systems. The solution empowers users to create innovative IoT applications more efficiently by eliminating the need for extensive coding. With its user-friendly configuration environment and mobile app, IoTize provides a comprehensive ecosystem for developing and controlling IoT devices. This solution has the potential to revolutionize the IoT industry and enable a wider range of individuals and businesses to harness the power of IoT technology.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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myFirst: Real tech solutions for kids in a grown-up world @ CES 2024

myFirst kids' tech productsIn today’s digital age, technology plays a crucial role in our lives, and it has become an integral part of our daily routines. However, the benefits and opportunities offered by technology should not be limited to adults only. Children, too, deserve access to real tech that empowers them to explore, learn, and create. myFirst has embraced this reality and developed tech products that are fully functional but designed for kids.

The birth of myFirst

myFirst is a company dedicated to creating a kids’ tech ecosystem. The inspiration behind this venture was the realization that there was a gap in the market for real technology designed specifically for children. The founders, who were tech-savvy individuals themselves, embarked on a mission to empower kids by providing them with devices, apps, and a social platform that mirrors what adults can do with technology.

Kid-friendly camera with social sharing

One of the innovative products offered by myFirst is a kid-friendly camera with social sharing capabilities. This camera is designed specifically for children, with a focus on simplicity, durability, and safety. The company understands that children have unique needs and considerations when it comes to technology, and they have created a camera that addresses these needs effectively.

The camera is lightweight and easy to use, with simple buttons and a user-friendly interface. This ensures that children can operate the camera without confusion or frustration. Additionally, the camera is built to withstand the rough handling that is often associated with children. It is robustly built and durable, making it suitable for active kids who may drop or throw it unintentionally.

One of the standout features of this camera is its social sharing capabilities. Children can choose which photos they want to share on social media platforms, giving them control over their digital presence. The camera automatically syncs photos to both the SD card and the cloud, allowing for easy access and sharing. This feature encourages children to engage responsibly with social media and teaches them the importance of privacy and consent.

In terms of pricing, the camera is reasonably priced at around $100 US. This makes it accessible to a wide range of families and ensures that quality technology is not limited to adults. myFirst understands the importance of affordability when it comes to empowering children with tech devices, and they have made it a priority to offer their products at a reasonable price point.

The camera is designed to be cloud-based, meaning that it relies on Wi-Fi connectivity for storage and access. While the camera itself may have limited storage capacity, the cloud-based system allows for easy uploading and access to photos. This ensures that children can capture and store as many memories as they want without worrying about running out of space.

A Smartphone with smart limitations

myFirst also offers a wearable smartphone for kids, which is 4G driven and allows for even more connectivity and functionality. The smartphone is designed to be durable and waterproof, making it suitable for active kids who may engage in water-related activities. The smartphone operates on an eSIM, eliminating the need for an open hole and ensuring that it is water-resistant.

In terms of connectivity and plans, myFirst has partnered with AT&T to offer a $12 per month plan that includes unlimited data and calls. This allows parents to have peace of mind knowing that their child’s connectivity needs are taken care of without any additional costs or limitations.

Empowering features and parental control

myFirst’s devices are accompanied by a social platform that allows children to connect with their peers and share their creations. However, the company recognizes the importance of parental intervention and provides robust parental control features. Parents have control over who can contact their child and can moderate the content their child sees. This ensures a safe and secure online environment for children while still allowing them the freedom to explore and connect with others within predetermined circles of trust.

The social media platform associated with the camera and smartphone can be accessed through the smartwatch or downloaded as an app on Apple or Android devices. This allows children to engage with the platform using devices they may already have, such as smartphones or tablets. Parents have control over their child’s account and can determine how much information is shared, ensuring privacy and safety.

The importance of empowering children through real technology

The concept of “real tech for kids’ empowerment” holds significant importance in today’s society. Empowering children with age-appropriate technology not only enhances their digital literacy but also fosters creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. By providing children with real tech devices, they can actively participate in the digital world, learn about technology’s potential, and develop the necessary skills to thrive in the future.

The response to myFirst’s products has been positive, with a strong presence in North Asia and a growing interest in the US market. The company’s commitment to quality, durability, and affordability has resonated with parents and children alike, making them a trusted brand in the industry.

Conclusion: A safe, fun, appropriate approach to tech for kids

myFirst’s commitment to providing real tech for kids’ empowerment is a commendable initiative in the tech industry. By bridging the gap between adult-oriented technology and children’s needs, the company enables children to explore their potential, express their creativity, and engage responsibly with technology.

Empowering children with real tech devices and a safe social platform not only prepares them for the digital future but also allows them to make meaningful contributions to the ever-evolving world of technology. By providing a safe and user-friendly platform for children to engage with technology and social media, myFirst is empowering the next generation to become responsible digital citizens. Their commitment to quality and affordability ensures that children from all backgrounds can benefit from their innovative products.

To learn more about myFirst or to purchase one of their products, head to their website or check out their Amazon store.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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