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CORE Body Temperature Sensor: Health tech for elite athletes @ CES 2022

CORE Body Temperature SensorDo you like to push your body to the limits? Do you strive for excellence in your sport? If so, then CORE by greenTEG AG is the health tech for you! The CORE Body Temperature Sensor is a wearable device that uses Swiss-made sensor technology to monitor and deliver real-time, accurate core body temperature data. This data can help athletes, coaches, and sports scientists improve their performance by monitoring core body temperature in real-time and adapting their training strategies accordingly.

Who is greenTEG AG?

greenTEG AG has been operating since 2007 as an early-stage start-up company based in Zürich, Switzerland. CORE Body Temperature Sensor is one of the flagship products that they have developed over time through collaboration with elite athletes who push themselves to new levels every day. It has helped these athletes learn how their bodies react during training sessions and races by providing them with valuable insight into their core body temperature. The system can also help athletes and coaches optimize their heat training, heat acclimation, and cooling strategies to improve performance on the court or field. CORE has been used by UCI World Teams, Continental Teams, professional football clubs in Europe, and more.

How does CORE work?

The CORE Body Temperature Monitoring System is a wearable device that consists of two key elements: the CORE Sensor worn on your torso with an adhesive backing and the CORE Monitor which receives data from multiple sensors wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Both components are small in size so you won’t even know they’re there while you train! You will receive immediate feedback on screen as well as short-term and long-term averages.

The CORE Sensor is able to measure core body temperature by detecting the heat flux at a nanoscale. This sensor has been developed over time with input from some of the world’s top athletes who have used it during their training sessions and races. The data that CORE collects can help you understand how your body reacts during different types of physical activity, whether it be intense training or an actual race. You can use this information to adapt your training strategies accordingly and improve your performance!

What makes CORE different?

There are other devices on the market that claim to monitor core body temperature, but what makes CORE so special is its Swiss-made sensor technology. This technology is extremely accurate and reliable as it measures heat flux at a nanoscale, in real-time. It is also the first commercially available system that can measure core body temperature accurately. The sensors are tiny so you won’t even know they’re there while running or playing sports!

The CORE Body Temperature Monitoring System has been tested by elite athletes who have pushed themselves to new levels every day using the system during their training sessions and races with great success! Athletes such as cyclist Tony Martin of Team Katusha Alpecin use it on a daily basis when preparing for his next race. It will help him monitor his core body temperature in real-time and ensure that he is performing at his best!


If you are an elite athlete looking for a device to help you monitor your core body temperature, CORE is the perfect solution. Get CORE today and start monitoring your core body temperature like a pro at the company’s website!

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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Reflexion trains athletes’ brains to improve performance @ CES 2021

Reflexion Flex sports cognitive trainingWhen we think of professional athletes, we can immediately imagine the amount of work that goes into training. The long days in the gym to improve their bodies, and then even more time on the field, court, or rink in order to improve their specific sport performance. Nearly every professional athlete or Olympian has a similar story of doing this since childhood. But, there is an aspect of the body that is generally ignored, which Reflexion looks to solve.

The part of the brain that is far too often overlooked is the brain. This is despite the major impact the brain can have on performance. Take, for example, Tom Brady, who just took the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Super Bowl for the first time in nearly 2 decades. Sure, he’s the greatest football player of all time, but part of that is because of his reactions. Not only does he move quickly and throw with accuracy, but he can also read the field quickly to make decisions on what to do.

Brady credits his quick response time to regular cognitive training, which is the technology that Reflexion has been developing and deploying as Reflexion Flex. The company’s technology is specifically designed to improve sports performance in competition. The company’s solution uses a touchscreen lightboard and cloud-based software to create interactive training games and activities.

The responses to those activities are logged and analyzed to determine areas that need improvement. These can be decision making, hand-eye coordination, peripheral vision, or reaction time. Activities in the future will then be run to help improve those areas of performance.

Reflexion has been working with athletes directly in private, but is releasing the platform to the public. The Reflexion Flex is available now through Dick’s Sporting Goods and runs $3499.99.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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Grabbing pick up game has never been easier than with Javelin Sports

Javelin Sports Game FinderSo many of us live for sports. We love to watch and cheer on our favorite teams, and we also love to play. Getting out and active is important for so many reasons. It helps to keep us fit, of course, but it also keeps us engaged in social settings with like-minded peers. The benefits of getting out there and staying active are important to our physical, mental and emotional well being. So whether your favorite sport to play is basketball, tennis, soccer, baseball or any/all of another myriad of athletic choices out there, you’re going to love this next app.

Maybe you are new to the city and don’t have your usual crew to meet up with for a quick game. Or maybe your work schedule has changed and that is keeping you from being as active as you would like. Justin Ford, Founder and CEO of Javelin Sports has just the solution that will bring you closer to your goals and will connect you with players of any sport you wish. Javelin Sports is a mobile application designed to help users find sports leagues as wells as pick up games in their area to fit their busy schedules.

Justin discusses how he felt it was becoming more and more challenging to stay active playing the sports that he had come to fall in love with. He decided to work with his co-founder, Coleman Chan to develop an easier way to keep up with your active life with an easy outlet to join leagues and meet sports enthusiasts in your local community. Javelin Sports includes cool features such as being able to chat with your teammates, receive game notifications, schedule your games on your own time, as well as sharing your experiences with your friends that may want to play.

Javelin Sports is currently live in Toronto, Canada on the Apple App Store or the Google Play store. To find out more about this application, you can visit their website.

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Tech Meets Tennis with Tennibot

tennibotCool new tech is always fun, but when it marries two of your favorite things, it’s love at first sight. That’s exactly what this new robot did for our very own Daniele Mendez. In the last 4-5 years, she has spent countless hours on both the tennis courts as well as working alongside her robotics team, so she absolutely could not resist this product.

Tennibot is a smart robotic tennis ball collector that scoots around the tennis court, picking up all of your practice tennis balls. Not only does it take the grunt work out of picking up the balls by hand so you have more time to practice, but it also looks cool in the process. With the price point starting at $399 for the personal version and up to $1,699 for the larger club version, they are looking forward to being able to ship by the end of 2016.

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Interview by Daniele Mendez of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology

Blast Motion Captures Baseball Swing

Motion by BlastHere at CES, there’s been all kinds of sporting sensors and motion trackers from tennis rackets to golf clubs. The Easton Power Sensor with Motion by Blast brings the same kind of technology to baseball bats. Jamie and Daniel take a swing with Donavan Prostrollo, Senior Director of Marketing at Blast.

On show here is the Easton Power Sensor which attaches to the base of a baseball bat. Unlike the sensors in some other sporting goods, it can be switched between bats. The Motion by Blast software then synchronises video of the player with the telemetry from the sensor to show exactly what’s happening when the player takes a swing. The data is sent via Bluetooth to a nearby smartphone or tablet and the software automatically identifies the swings and clips the video to create a series of video highlights, overlaid with metrics such as swing speed, time to contact, swing direction, power, efficiency, etc.

At US$149, the Easton Power Sensor is not an impulse purchase but it is very affordable for a baseball team or serious player. Available now both online and at good sports shops.

Jamie Davis is the host of Health Tech Weekly at HTWeekly.com. He is a nurse, paramedic and health journalist.
Daniel J Lewis dares you to get started in podcasting with The Audacity to Podcast.

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iSet Smartwatch Improves your Tennis Game at CES

iSet LogoPeople who are playing a competitive sport need to know the score as the game goes on. Sometimes, in the middle of a match, it can be difficult to keep track of. The iSet smartwatch solves that problem. It keeps track of tennis match scores in real time. Use it to track your own or to check the win/loss ratio of your favorite tennis players.

Scott spoke with Lea Partouche about the iSet smartwatch. The watch connects via Bluetooth to a player’s smartphone. It requires an app that is free to download for either iOS or Android. You can connect one iSet smartwatch to one smartphone.

Two tennis players, who each are using an iSet smartwatch, can keep track of the score of the match in real time just by glancing at their smartwatch. One really nice thing about the iSet is that it can be used even if your tennis partner doesn’t have one. The smartwatch can still record the score into the app.

In addition to recording the score, the app will show your win/loss stats. It keeps track of who you played against and when the match took place. Or, you can put the name of a tennis player that you want to follow into the app, and it will show you that player’s statistics.

In addition to being a tennis tracker, the iSet smartwatch can do other things. It can show you the time. It can be used as a stopwatch or a timer. The iSet smartwatch is expected to be released in March of 2015 for a retail price of $129.00.

Interview by Scott of F5 Live for the TechPodcast Network.

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Liquid Image Wearable Cameras Now With Verizon 4G LTE at CES

Liquid_Image_4G_LTEGet yourself a tiny wearable camera that will allow you to stream video over a 4G wireless LTE connection with Liquid Image. Chris Montera from the Tech Podcast Network and the Health Tech Weekly podcast checked out the interesting devices at CES Showstoppers event this year in Las Vegas. One of the them was a wearable camera technology from Liquid Image.

Liquid Image specializes is creating wearable cameras for active people on the go. They have cameras that can attach to anything from a motocross helmet or goggles to a scuba diver’s mask. Now they have enabled Verizon 4G LTE transmission technology in their cameras allowing streaming video from anywhere Verizon 4G networks connect. While you might think this device is perfect for the action sports arena you’re right but it also makes a perfect solution for first responders and public safety officers like policemen and firefighters in rescue situations.

The 4G LTE Liquid Image camera package will be available this summer and will cost around $399. You can get just the camera with basic Wifi and bluetooth technology for just $199. Check out LiquidImageCo.com for more information.


Follow-up with more segments from CES 2014 here at TPN.tv and over at the Health Tech Weekly Podcast with host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic.

GeoNaute 360° Camera Scores TPN Innovator Pick at CES 2014

geonaute-360-camera_cesJustin Schneller from GeoNaute.com came by the TPN.tv booth at the International CES conference in Las Vegas to pick up the TPN Pick Innovator Award for the GeoNaute 360° sports camera they debuted at the show. Geek News Central host Todd Cochrane is joined by Health Tech Weekly host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic for a look at this awardee.

The GeoNaute brings a whole new dimension, literally, to the sports and active camera space. Their innovative 360° camera view allows the sports and outdoor enthusiast to record what’s going on around them in real time, HD video. The mobile app and cloud console that comes with the camera allows you to view the recording, rotating the view wherever you want during the recorded playback, seeing up, down, forward or behind while wearing the camera.

Find out more about the GeoNaute camera at GeoNaute.com.


Recon Instruments Head Up display for Skiers

Recon Instruments shows Todd their heads up display for skiers, snowboarders and alpine sport enthusiasts. The display will give you a “dashboard” type display inside of your goggles that tells you speed, altitude, distance traveled, height of your jump and a whole lot more. It even gives you GPS data and with the Android powered version will allow other apps. It will even give you caller ID for an incoming call so you can decide if it’s worth stopping and answering the phone. It will, however, not let you text, make calls or answer calls while skiing. (And you thought driving while texting was a problem). The unit is installed in the goggles and is controlled by a bluetooth remote that can be worn just about anywhere on your body and is very tough.

The android version is $399 and the Non-Android version is $299.

For more information go to reconinstruments.com


Contour: Action Video for Extreme Sports

More Affordable Version of Contour Sports Camera

Contour has long been known for high performance sports and adventure video – but they were concentrated at the premium end of the marketplace. Not any longer ! The new ContourROAM has an MSRP under $200 ! And, they’ve paid attention to ease of use, introducing one-step recording. Just slide the record switch, and you’re instantly filming. Easy as that. It’s the ideal camera for a fun, stress-free experience capturing your adventures anywhere life takes you.


Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDRNews for the TechPodcast Network.