CORE Body Temperature Sensor: Health tech for elite athletes @ CES 2022

CORE Body Temperature SensorDo you like to push your body to the limits? Do you strive for excellence in your sport? If so, then CORE by greenTEG AG is the health tech for you! The CORE Body Temperature Sensor is a wearable device that uses Swiss-made sensor technology to monitor and deliver real-time, accurate core body temperature data. This data can help athletes, coaches, and sports scientists improve their performance by monitoring core body temperature in real-time and adapting their training strategies accordingly.

Who is greenTEG AG?

greenTEG AG has been operating since 2007 as an early-stage start-up company based in Zürich, Switzerland. CORE Body Temperature Sensor is one of the flagship products that they have developed over time through collaboration with elite athletes who push themselves to new levels every day. It has helped these athletes learn how their bodies react during training sessions and races by providing them with valuable insight into their core body temperature. The system can also help athletes and coaches optimize their heat training, heat acclimation, and cooling strategies to improve performance on the court or field. CORE has been used by UCI World Teams, Continental Teams, professional football clubs in Europe, and more.

How does CORE work?

The CORE Body Temperature Monitoring System is a wearable device that consists of two key elements: the CORE Sensor worn on your torso with an adhesive backing and the CORE Monitor which receives data from multiple sensors wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Both components are small in size so you won’t even know they’re there while you train! You will receive immediate feedback on screen as well as short-term and long-term averages.

The CORE Sensor is able to measure core body temperature by detecting the heat flux at a nanoscale. This sensor has been developed over time with input from some of the world’s top athletes who have used it during their training sessions and races. The data that CORE collects can help you understand how your body reacts during different types of physical activity, whether it be intense training or an actual race. You can use this information to adapt your training strategies accordingly and improve your performance!

What makes CORE different?

There are other devices on the market that claim to monitor core body temperature, but what makes CORE so special is its Swiss-made sensor technology. This technology is extremely accurate and reliable as it measures heat flux at a nanoscale, in real-time. It is also the first commercially available system that can measure core body temperature accurately. The sensors are tiny so you won’t even know they’re there while running or playing sports!

The CORE Body Temperature Monitoring System has been tested by elite athletes who have pushed themselves to new levels every day using the system during their training sessions and races with great success! Athletes such as cyclist Tony Martin of Team Katusha Alpecin use it on a daily basis when preparing for his next race. It will help him monitor his core body temperature in real-time and ensure that he is performing at his best!


If you are an elite athlete looking for a device to help you monitor your core body temperature, CORE is the perfect solution. Get CORE today and start monitoring your core body temperature like a pro at the company’s website!

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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