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3D Printer Whiteclouds Wins Prestigious TPN Innovator Pick Award

whiteclouds_logo3D printing company Whiteclouds.com brings this new technology to anyone with their online cloud 3D printing service. Whiteclouds CEO Jerry Ropelato joins Geekazine’s Jeffrey Powers and Geek News Central’s Todd Cochrane to get the award for TPN Innovator Picks at this year’s International CES show in Las Vegas.

Whiteclouds is a company that will print virtually any 3D object you can think up. You can even scratch out an idea on a napkin and send it to them. Their designers will turn it into a 3D rendering and then print out the “real-life” version for you. Now 3D printing is available to anyone who dreams up a design for something. Whether you’re a tabletop gamer, an inventor, a mechanic or a housewife, you can be a 3D designer with the help of Whiteclouds.com.

Find out more about their 3D printing service at Whiteclouds.com.


Gibson Robot Tuned Guitars Get TPN Pick Award at CES

Les-Paul-FuturaGibson Guitars stopped by the Tech Podcast Network booth at the International CES show in Las Vegas to be one of the first honorees to receive the TPN.tv Pick Award for Innovation at CES. Their Guitars are truly changing the way we make music with auto tuning, custom tuning, and other fantastic features. Aljon Go from Gibson joined Geekazine host Jeffrey Powers and Geek News Central host Todd Cochrane on the final day at CES 2014 to get the award.

The new Gibson guitars are not just another electric guitar. They combine the class of a master crafted musical instrument with the innovation of the latest technologies in digital music creation. The Min-ETune auto tuner is a compact, battery-powered robot tuner that tunes your guitar in seconds—and delivers 80-100 tunings on one charge. Adjust the tuning pegs manually, turn on the Min-ETune to tune all six strings to perfect pitch automatically, or select any of 12 popular alternate tunings (including six you can program yourself). You can even adjust your guitar’s tunings to match other instruments.

Find out more about these guitars from Gibson.com.


Beam+ Gets TPN Pick Award for Innovation in Telepresence Technology at CES

Beam+Suitable Technologies won a TPN Pick Award for their innovative Beam+ workplace and home telepresence tool. Erin Rapacki joins Chris Montera and Geek News Central host Todd Cochrane to accept their award for this amazing tool that allows people to be in two places at ones. Don Baine, the Gadget Professor, chose this awardee for the TPN Pick because of the ease of use and amazing connectivity this gives people working and playing in remote locations.

The Beam+ is a wheeled, remote-controlled video monitor and camera that allows an individual in a remote location to attend meetings, interact in a workplace or classroom and literally be in two places at one time. The Beam system allows users to interact with remote locations by coupling high-end video and audio with the freedom of motion to move about a space. See and be seen, hear and be heard, clearly and consistently. Beam boasts two wide-angle cameras, a 6-microphone array that cancels echo and reduces background noise, a 17″ 4:3 LCD screen, and a powerful built-in speaker.

Find out more about the Beam+ from Suitable Technologies at SuitableTech.com.


PowerMate Bluetooth Gets TPN Innovator Pick Award at CES 2014

griffin_powermate_bluetoothThis year’s TPN Innovator Pick from Daniel J. Lewis is the Griffin PowerMate Bluetooth from Griffin Technologies. Heather from Griffin joins Daniel and Geek News Central host, Todd Cochrane for a look at this computer control device. The PowerMate bluetooth is an update of their corded PowerMate which connects via USB. Now with bluetooth connectivity makes it an indispensable tool for video and audio editors out there.

PowerMate Bluetooth is the wireless programmable controller that replaces extra keystrokes with a simple twist or a click. It scrolls. It scrubs. It clicks like a mouse. And it’s user-configurable, so it can control practically any Mac application out there.

Find out more about the PowerMate Bluetooth at GriffinTechnology.com.


GeoNaute 360° Camera Scores TPN Innovator Pick at CES 2014

geonaute-360-camera_cesJustin Schneller from GeoNaute.com came by the TPN.tv booth at the International CES conference in Las Vegas to pick up the TPN Pick Innovator Award for the GeoNaute 360° sports camera they debuted at the show. Geek News Central host Todd Cochrane is joined by Health Tech Weekly host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic for a look at this awardee.

The GeoNaute brings a whole new dimension, literally, to the sports and active camera space. Their innovative 360° camera view allows the sports and outdoor enthusiast to record what’s going on around them in real time, HD video. The mobile app and cloud console that comes with the camera allows you to view the recording, rotating the view wherever you want during the recorded playback, seeing up, down, forward or behind while wearing the camera.

Find out more about the GeoNaute camera at GeoNaute.com.


TPN Innovator Pick Award Winner Chug Plug by Lenmar at CES 2014

LenmarThis year at the International CES conference in Las Vegas, the Tech Podcast Network team from TPN.tv handed out their first ever TPN Picks awards to selected products and services that were deemed to be innovators rising above the rest at this year’s show. Here’s the first of our pick segments recorded LIVE on the final day outside the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Chris Davis, Editor for the TPN team comes on with Geek News Central host Todd Cochrane to look at Chris’ pick, the Chug Plug battery from Lenmar.

They were joined by Jenny Simpson from Lenmar to talk about the Chug Plug, which is a battery that provides supplemental power for Macbook Airs and 13″ Macbook Pros. With the Chug Plug, the user can get an additional 4 hours of computer time, allowing them to get more work done on the road while traveling or just around the office without having to be plugged in. This is the perfect addition to the backpack for college students with MacBooks and will definitely be an addition to Chris’ tool kit when he returns to school in the fall.

The Chug Plug should be available in March and will retail for around $159.00. Find more information on the Chug Plug at Lenmar.com.


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Dexcom’s G4 Platinum Glucose Monitor Wins TPN Pick Award at CES

dexcom-logoWe continue our coverage of the final day and the TPN.tv Innovator Picks awards with Chris Montera’s award to Dexcom for their Continuous Glucose Monitoring device, the Dexcom G4 Platinum Monitor. Terry Gregg, Dexcom’s CEO sat down on the last day at CES 2014 to accept the award and chat with Chris and Geek News Central host Todd Cochrane.

Continuous glucose monitoring is a much more effective way for diabetic patients to manage their blood sugar levels and reduces the number of times they have to prick their fingers for blood to just a few times each day. The monitor can be worn for 7 days straight before it needs to be changed greatly improving the quality of life for the active diabetic patient. Find out more about the G4 Platinum Continuous Glucose Monitor at Dexcom.com.


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