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AGIGA is tackling electronic component shortages and excess @ CES 2024

AGIGA electronic component marketplaceAGIGA is a unique marketplace designed to address the issue of excess electronic inventories. The platform serves as a conduit between industrial electronic companies, enabling them to sell their surplus inventories and purchase necessary electronic components.

AGIGA is a marketplace for excess electronic inventories

The concept of AGIGA was conceived from the founder’s extensive experience of 25 to 30 years in the electronic industry. He identified the significant challenges faced by electronic companies, particularly the substantial size of their excess inventories. These surplus inventories often lead to a revenue loss of 1%, which directly translates to a 1% decrease in profit.

The operation of the AGIGA platform is straightforward. Companies with surplus electronic components send their inventory files to the marketplace. The platform then handles the pricing, considering the fluctuating value of electronic components. The proposed pricing is shared with the companies, and upon agreement, the inventory is listed online. Other electronic companies can then search for and purchase the required components through the platform. Once an order is completed, AGIGA coordinates the shipping of the parts from the seller to their warehouse, thoroughly inspecting the parts to ensure their quality before shipping them to the buyer.

Hard to find becomes easier

The marketplace is significant for individuals and companies seeking hard-to-find electronic components. With the rapid pace of technological advancements, certain parts often become obsolete or difficult to obtain. AGIGA serves as an alternative and additional channel, providing access to a wide range of components from various distributors, saving time and effort.

For designers and purchasers, AGIGA offers a centralized location to find specific electronic parts. This simplifies the process of sourcing components, especially when dealing with hard-to-find parts. Instead of searching through multiple suppliers or spending time and resources on finding the right components, designers can turn to the platform for a wide selection of options.

Connecting companies to reduce costs and waste

AGIGA stands out for its ability to connect vendors and buyers in a challenging market. The platform has established a network of independent distributors, referred to as brokers, to facilitate this process. However, they differentiate themselves from standard brokers by aiming to sell all types of electronic components, not just those in high demand or shortage.

They also provide transparent pricing, allowing customers to see the prices for different quantities of the components they are interested in. AGIGA operates on a margin model, with a relatively smaller 15 point margin compared to traditional markups, ensuring competitive prices while covering their costs.

Beyond profit, AGIGA recognizes the environmental impact of excess stock being discarded after a certain period, typically around five to six years. By facilitating the sale of these surplus components, AGIGA aims to reduce waste and minimize the negative environmental consequences, aligning with the growing importance of sustainability and responsible consumption.

AGIGA is reducing waste and helping users buy components

In conclusion, AGIGA’s marketplace for excess electronic inventories addresses the challenges faced by industrial electronic companies with surplus stock. The platform connects vendors and buyers, allowing them to sell and purchase electronic components. Their transparent pricing, margin model, and commitment to reducing waste make it a unique and valuable resource in the electronic industry. By providing a centralized location for hard-to-find components, AGIGA simplifies the process for designers, product testers, and other professionals in need of specific electronic parts.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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