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Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Headphones

Sennheiser LogoSennheiser have always been one of my preferred headphone brands and I previously reviewed the Momentum On-Ears for GNC. Consequently, I was very interested to hear that a second generation of Momentum headphones were on their way with both Bluetooth wireless and noise-cancellation features. Marlo chats to Scott Houston from Sennheiser about the Momentum Wireless.

The new Sennheiser Momentum Wireless takes the original Momentum and updates it for listening on the move. No tangled wires with Bluetooth wireless; environmental sound kept to a minimum with active noise cancellation; integrated microphone to take calls without removing the headphones, improved padding for extended listening and folding arms to pack the headphones away neatly. Overall, it looks like a tidy package.

Of course, this doesn’t come cheap with the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless costing US$499 or GB£379 from Sennheiser’s web store.

Interview by Marlo Anderson of The Tech Ranch for the TechPodcast Network.


Monster and Adidas Team Up at CES

Adidas logo

Many big-name brands bring exciting new products to market during CES. And sometimes, a couple of those brands will team up and double the excitement. That’s exactly what happened when Adidas and Monster got together to create a new line of headphones and earbuds.

Nick got the opportunity to speak to both Johan and Kevin from Adidas. They both gave a rundown of this new line of listening devices. There’s everything from full over-the-ear headphones to bluetooth-enabled wireless earbuds that link up with the Micoach smart watch from Adidas.

Interview by Nick of F5 Live for the TechPodcast Network.

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Monster Spreads its DNA at CES

Monster logoWould you like to wear headphones that look as great as they sound? Monster has you covered. Monster’s DNA Pro over the ear headphones have a realistic sound profile, sleek design, and are comfortable to wear. The variety of colors and artwork provide you with a wide selection.

Nick had the opportunity to speak with Chris Nunez, who is a judge on the Ink Master show on Spike TV. Chris Nunez is a well known tattoo artist and the owner of Handcrafted Tattoo and Art Gallery in Miami, FL. His design for the Monster DNA headphones was so popular, the reveal crashed the Monster website.

The Monster DNA headphones come with a stylish carrying case and cleaning cloth. The headphones deliver live, studio quality sound with passive noise isolation. The headphones have pillow-soft Advanced Noise Isolating cushions which let you comfortably wear them for extended listening sessions.

Interview by Nick of F5 Live for the TechPodcast Network.

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HearNotes are Wireless Earbuds at CES

HearNotes“Audiophile,” “wireless” and “earbuds” you often see together. There are a couple of reasons for this but the main one is that Bluetooth isn’t really very good for music streaming, even with modern codecs like AptX. HearNotes believes they have solved this problem. Patrick Donohue explains what HearNotes can offer to audiophiles.

HearNotes wirefree earbuds are special for three reasons. First the earbuds are genuinely wireless with no wires even between the earbuds. Second the earbuds charge wirelessly in a matching case – there’s no plugging in to charge up – giving about 4 hours of listening between charges. Finally the wireless transmission uses a high quality wireless audio technology called Kleer. And of course, HearNotes uses top notch audio components in its design.

A small transmitter plugs into the 3.5mm audio port to support the Kleer technology so the HearNotes can be used in most situations, with most devices. This is undoubtedly a benefit but the audio output from most DACs in portable equipment leaves a great deal to be desired.

The HearNotes will be available in Q1 for a fairly pricey $349 from retailers nationwide.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central and Todd Aune of The Elder Divide for the TechPodcast Network.
Disclosure – HearNotes is currently an advertiser at Geek News Central.

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Custom-Molded In-Ear Headphones at Home from Decibullz

Decibullz Custom-Molded In-Ear Audio

Kyle Kirkpatrick from Decibullz.com joined Jamie Davis, the Podmedic and Chris Montera, the Geekymedic on their Tech Podcast Network LIVE coverage from the International CES conference in Las Vegas. On the final day, Jamie and Chris were excited to check out the custom-molded in-ear earbuds from Decibullz. You mold them and create them at home using your microwave oven.

The brand new Decibullz Contour earbuds are turning heads, literally, at CES 2014. This is the newest version of their popular earphone. This new earphone is the best earphone they have ever created, with better sound, better seal, and better fit. Plus, they are even easier to mold! This new design makes it easier than ever for users to create a perfect fitting and great sounding earphone. The team at Decibullz has combined their customized molding material with a specially selected silicone tip. The soft tip aligns the earphone in the ear canal and creates a comfortable sound-isolating seal. The tip works in conjunction with the molding material that conforms to the concha (bowl part of the ear) to keep the earphone secure and comfortable.

The Contour Earbuds from Decibullz.com are available in March. You can pre-order them for a cost of $49.00. Pick up your own custom molded earbuds now!


Follow-up with more segments from CES 2014 here at TPN.tv and over at the Health Tech Weekly Podcast with host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic.

Monster Audio Makes Life Sound Better

Monster CableChris Montera got the chance to go into the private area at the Monster Booth to check out their premium audio products behind the scenes. Monster debuted their new Monster DNA Headphones with wireless connectivity. The new DNA headphones have touch sensitivity on the ear cups to give you control over the volume and tone of the sound you’re receiving. They are also great because of the superior sound isolation they give to the user.

The DNA Pro Wireless headphones from Monster Audio are available for $449. They are available in multiple designs with various colors and metallic finishes. Check out the MonsterProducts.com site for more of their Pro Audio offerings debuted at CES.


Follow-up with more segments from CES 2014 here at TPN.tv and over at the Health Tech Weekly Podcast with host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic.

A Look at CE Design

ViVickLogoHere’s some insight into the world of design – taking standard features and capabilities and presenting them in a fresh way. Vivick Designs in headquartered in Vancouver, BC and, since 1986 has been behind many of the designs for products we use and wear. In this interview, we look at two novel designs, one for a LED study lamp that combines a Bluetooth speaker system – and also allows connection from the regular desktop computer, and the other a portable power supply that is designed to power devices such as tablet or smartphone when regular AC mains power is not available. It includes a means of stowing the line cord, all a part of the design for use that the company has as a specialty. TPN Interview by Andy McCaskey, SDRNews and Scott Ertz, F5 Live: Refreshing Technology .


Deluxe Headphones Feature ButtonLess Controls

ParotLogoParrot introduces a high end gesture based headphone controller on the Parrot ZIK, complete with active noise canceling technology. The unit removes 98% of the noise from the environment, using adaptive software and four separate microphones. Bluetooth connectivity is standard, both for listening to music and for coupling to the mobile phone. A bone conduction microphone allows coupling into the phone audio. Concert hallThe sound field is movable, allowing the creation of a concert hall experience with DSP. A six hour battery life is standard if all features are engaged. Up to 18 hours of music listening is possible if the other features are disabled.

TPN Interview by Andy McCaskey, SDRNews and Daniel J. Lewis, The Audacity To Podcast.


AblePlanet Gamers Choice: Gaming Headphones for XBox with Linx Technology

ableplanetAbleplanet won several awards for voice intelligability. In 2006 they introduced Linx technology (a three-tone harmonic to let you hear signals). Since then, gamers wanted to get that same technology in their headsets. That is where Gamers Choice comes in.

This is a series of modular headphones. They come in 8 colors – Purple, red, orange, blue and more. This is completely modular so if you are on a PS3, you plug into the 3.5 inch jack. If you are on PC, there is an adapter. If you are an XBox gamer, plug in the USB dongle to use it. Change the plug and you can use it to listen to music.

Ableplanet’s Gamers Choice starts around $100. (www.ableplanet.com)


Video by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Nicholas Dimeo of F5 Live

Hip Hop Producer Swizz Beatz is New Brand Ambassador, Co-Owner for Monster

Swizz Beatz
Swizz Beatz Officially a Monster
Just announced as Monster’s latest brand ambassador, business mogul and world-famous hip-hop mogul, Swizz Beatz, was in attendance this year at the Monster booth. He will also be signing onto the executive board as he’s purchased a co-ownership stake in the company. In this exclusive interview, we touch upon the deal with Monster, what he plans to bring to the table and more. Swizz also goes into detail about what’s in store for him moving forward and how he’s happy representing the Monster brand. Ironically, Swizz also created Monster Music Group a few years ago, featuring up-and-coming hip hop talent.

Seems like this was a perfect match.


Video by Nicholas DiMeo of F5 Live.