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MACA’s revolutionary carcopter: The future of flight @ CES 2022

MACA carcopterFor decades, we’ve been promised flying cars. In The Jetsons, we were told that flying cars were not new and had been around for years. But, the show takes place in 2062 – only 40 years from now. So, where are the flying cars? We’ve seen a few at CES in the past few years, but MACA is poised to make them far more interesting and usable.

Who is MACA?

Maca is a new company that started with an idea that appeared in Airbus in 2018. The idea was a flying car with hydrogen as an energy vector. The prototype was being developed for three years inside of Airbus before the founders decided to move the project outside of the company and into a new company at the end of 2020. The concept consists of using this aircraft in the racing environment.

Given that there are fewer constraints in the racing environment, MACA can develop the technology at a faster rate. The hope is to use this technology in future flying taxis. Mr. Thierry de Boisvilliers also mentioned that this concept will accelerate social acceptance. He supports this claim by giving the example of how cars were used for racing in the past. Then eventually, cars were accepted by society.

MACA is poised to revolutionize the flying car industry with its upcoming release of the S11. Unlike other flying cars that rely on combustion engines, MACA’s carcopter uses clean-burning hydrogen-based fuel cells for longer flight times and green energy sustainability. With a focus on speed, safety, and sustainability, the company is leading the charge into the future of flight!

How does it work?

The MACA carcopter is a hybrid that uses racecar technology integration. It has four rotors that provide lift and two rear-facing propellers to provide thrust. The carcopter runs on hydrogen fuel cells, which gives it a longer flight time than other flying cars. Additionally, the MACA Carcopter is designed with safety in mind. It features an autopilot mode as well as backup systems that will keep you safe even if one of the rotors fails.

The MACA Carcopter has a top speed of 200 km/h and a flight time of 45 minutes. It can carry up to 400 kg, making it perfect for small cargo or passenger transport. And, like other electric vehicles, the MACA carcopter produces zero emissions!

So mark your calendars – 2022 is going to be an exciting year for flying cars! MACA is leading the charge with its innovative S11 model that uses clean-burning hydrogen fuel cells and racecar technology integration. With a focus on speed, safety, and sustainability, MACA is paving the way for the future of flight! Stay tuned for more information about this revolutionary product.


So what are you waiting for? 2022 is going to be an exciting year for flying cars, and MACA is leading the charge with its innovative S11 model! Head to the website for more information about this revolutionary product – you won’t want to miss out on the future of flight!

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central and Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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ResiTire has a new airless replacement for traditional tires @ CES 2021

ResiTire airless tiresOne of our favorite contingencies at CES is always the group from Case Western Reserve University. Over the years we have seen the school present innovative new products and services from students, faculty, and alumni. We’ve had the opportunity to speak with representatives from several of the new companies, and in this installment, we got to speak about ResiTire.

ResiTire is offering a new take on an everyday necessity idem – tires. Rather than being a standard rubber tire filled with gas, the new approach is actually made of interlocking metal rings. The metal, called Nitinol, is actually designed by NASA, and the design is licensed from NASA, which calls it Superelastic Tire technology. While the technology was originally created for use on other surfaces, ResiTire has adapted it for terrestrial use.

The tire that we see during the conversation is actually only part of the equation. This strangely shaped device has an elastic style design to it because of the interlocking rings. Because of this, it allows the tire to operate similarly to a traditional rubber tire, with the same grip capability. However, because there is no gas or destructible surface, this technology makes it possible to produce a tire that is able to eliminate leaks, slashes, tears, and more.

To be clear, this is not a “run-flat” tire. One of the biggest problems with the current “run-flat” concept – nearly no one actually replaces one with another one. This means that you only get the benefit for the first few months of owning the car, and never again. The company is currently focusing on the tire market but intends to use the elastic properties of the metal to produce other items in the future.

To learn more about ResiTire and how it can be used, head over to the company’s website.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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Denso Explores “Smarter Mobility, Smarter Living”

Denso logoDenso is a global automotive supplier. They supply to all automakers in the world. Denso thinks that everything is going to be connected in the future.

Aylee spoke with Manager of Corporate Communications at Denso International America, Bridgette LaRose, at CES 2016. Denso’s concept at CES 2016 was “Smarter Mobility, Smarter Living”. Their booth showed what a more connected world would be like, and also gave examples of how Denso’s technologies could be used to create a smarter, safer, more convenient world.

Denso wants their technology to lead to better quality of life for people around the world. At CES 2016, Denso had a Smarter City display and a virtual reality display that showed what a more connected world would look like. Denso also had a display that showed how connectivity plays an important role in the ability to achieve automated driving.

Aylee Nielsen is a video host who specializes in covering live events for PLuGHiTz Live.

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Stay Plugged Into Your Car with Akolyt

drust-akolyteEverybody could use a little help maintaining their car and that is a role that Drust’s Akolyt is looking to fill.

The Akolyt is a device that plugs directly into a car’s dashboard and provides real-time information and support to one’s smart phone via a free app. The device assists in several areas of maintaining a vehicle, from feedback on how you drive the car to upcoming maintenance alerts. That includes such things as wear on tires, breaks and oil. The Akolyt can also help to get a driver assistance should a breakdown or accident occur and CEO Michael Fernandez said at CES that the device provides performance tips that could lead to up to 20-to-30 percent in gas savings.

Of course, in an increasingly social world, users can also measure their performance against other drivers and accrue points to level up and earn badges.

The Akolyt has started to become available in Europe and Fernandez said the company has an eye towards a release in the United States at a later time.

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Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology

Ford Sync Version 3 comes to CES

Ford LogoIn times past, cars had heaters and radios. if you were lucky, maybe a cassette player. Getting directions involved winding down the window and asking a passerby. Today’s vehicles have zoned environmental controls, multi-source AV, GPS with maps and drive train telemetry to three decimal places. All this is fantastic but while you’re figuring out the way to San Jose, you may lose sight of the road.

Ford wants its drivers and passengers to have a great journey but to get to their destination safely, and in an unprecedented move, Ford invited customers to their advanced car simulator in Dearborn to help design the next version of their infotainment system. With over 20,000 pieces of feedback, Ford developed SYNC 3 with safety and ease of use front and center. Big touchpoints keep hands on the steering wheel longer and voice commands now produce what the driver wants rather than purely what is said.

Todd chats with Gary from Ford about the company’s approach to the latest iteration of Ford SYNC, which will be available on 2016 model cars.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network

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AAMP Ensures Car Tech Stays Up to Date at CES

Aamp of AmericaWhile most people get a new smartphone every other year, buying a new car doesn’t happen as quickly. As a result, in-car technology can get out of date fast, particularly with respect to entertainment and communication. Fortunately, AAMP of America is here to help; Todd talks with Jeff Smith to find out what’s hot in auto upgrades.

With over 4,000 dealers, AAMP provide a wide range of after-market upgrades, with rear-view cameras and parking assistance being popular options. To keep up with manufacturer offerings AAMP does its own design and development to make sure its own products match or exceed the OEM products.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network.

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RoadEyes Is a HUD For The Car at CES

Road Eyes Cams LogoFrench company RoadEyesCams is bringing out an aftermarket heads-up display (HUD) with an affordable price. Todd takes to the road with Axel and the Aston.

The RoadEyesCam M6 HUD is a small dash-mounted unit that mirrors a smartphone display via wifi, projecting the image upwards and into the driver’s field of view. Whatever the smartphone shows, the M6 will reproduce on-screen. It can be anything from GPS directions to motorsport data such as acceleration or lateral G. The M6 HUD will be available in the US in 4 to 6 weeks for $299.

Todd also takes a look at some of RoadEyesCams new dash-cams.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network.

Thinkware Brings DVR Abilities to Your Car

Thinkware's in-car DVR system
Thinkware’s in-car DVR system
Visiting the Thinkware booth allowed us to discover an in-car DVR system, useful for capturing the moments of an unfortunate accident or for sight-seeing. Thinkware’s FXD-700 is a front device recorder that picks up images, speed and time and starts recording as soon as you start the car, with help of a motion sensor. All of it then saves to an SD card, in a format which can be used on all computers, and will continuously record for up to 8 hours, unless you would like to expand up to 32GB. The full 1080p HD camera sensor is also impressive, allowing up to 140 degrees of viewing and the rear-camera (which is optional) gives you 120 degrees. Thinkware also said that the device is simply powered off of the car battery, which gives you the ability to record while the car is off, in surveillance mode, and will shut off if the device is draining the battery. The product isn’t available in the US yet but Thinkware is looking to make that happen within a few months.


Video by Scott Ertz of F5 Live.

Delphi Clears Up Cords in Car with Wireless Charging

Delphi's Wireless Charging System
Delphi’s Wireless Charging System
Delphi is currently working on a technology that will get rid of cords and clutter that exist in most vehicles on the roads today. How? Delphi’s Wireless Charging for consumer devices will be able to power all of your mobile electronic devices for you, without the need for plugs, adapters or cords. This allows not only a cleaner car, but a much safer car. We’ve seen wireless charging before, with standards such as Qi with Fulton Innovations, and Delphi is looking to improve upon the wireless charging distance that currently exists in some devices, in order to make almost the entire car a charging port. The best part is that Delphi’s Wireless Charging uses no cables or pads you need to stick onto a device and the charging rate is almost the same as what you get with a cord stuck into the wall at your house. The system will automatically engage once a device is in range so you never have to worry about telling the car when to charge your gadgets on the go.


Video by Nakia Mann of F5 Live.

My Ford Touch Improves Menus, Updates Available on All Cars

Ford Electric

While at the Ford Booth, we got to see the new updated My Ford Touch system. Back in November, they updated the software so consumers could move around the screen without having to look at the display.

The four corner system gives you a proximity so you know where to press. One corner you will have navigation, another will see temperature settings.

The in-car navigation system also has been improved. With additional 3D view, you can get an idea which direction you are heading.

Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine goes through the systems with Bridget on MyFordTouch. Best part is this update is available now. You can download and install, or you can head to your Ford dealer and they will install for free.