Delphi Clears Up Cords in Car with Wireless Charging

Delphi's Wireless Charging System
Delphi’s Wireless Charging System
Delphi is currently working on a technology that will get rid of cords and clutter that exist in most vehicles on the roads today. How? Delphi’s Wireless Charging for consumer devices will be able to power all of your mobile electronic devices for you, without the need for plugs, adapters or cords. This allows not only a cleaner car, but a much safer car. We’ve seen wireless charging before, with standards such as Qi with Fulton Innovations, and Delphi is looking to improve upon the wireless charging distance that currently exists in some devices, in order to make almost the entire car a charging port. The best part is that Delphi’s Wireless Charging uses no cables or pads you need to stick onto a device and the charging rate is almost the same as what you get with a cord stuck into the wall at your house. The system will automatically engage once a device is in range so you never have to worry about telling the car when to charge your gadgets on the go.


Video by Nakia Mann of F5 Live.