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ResiTire has a new airless replacement for traditional tires @ CES 2021

ResiTire airless tiresOne of our favorite contingencies at CES is always the group from Case Western Reserve University. Over the years we have seen the school present innovative new products and services from students, faculty, and alumni. We’ve had the opportunity to speak with representatives from several of the new companies, and in this installment, we got to speak about ResiTire.

ResiTire is offering a new take on an everyday necessity idem – tires. Rather than being a standard rubber tire filled with gas, the new approach is actually made of interlocking metal rings. The metal, called Nitinol, is actually designed by NASA, and the design is licensed from NASA, which calls it Superelastic Tire technology. While the technology was originally created for use on other surfaces, ResiTire has adapted it for terrestrial use.

The tire that we see during the conversation is actually only part of the equation. This strangely shaped device has an elastic style design to it because of the interlocking rings. Because of this, it allows the tire to operate similarly to a traditional rubber tire, with the same grip capability. However, because there is no gas or destructible surface, this technology makes it possible to produce a tire that is able to eliminate leaks, slashes, tears, and more.

To be clear, this is not a “run-flat” tire. One of the biggest problems with the current “run-flat” concept – nearly no one actually replaces one with another one. This means that you only get the benefit for the first few months of owning the car, and never again. The company is currently focusing on the tire market but intends to use the elastic properties of the metal to produce other items in the future.

To learn more about ResiTire and how it can be used, head over to the company’s website.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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Stay Plugged Into Your Car with Akolyt

drust-akolyteEverybody could use a little help maintaining their car and that is a role that Drust’s Akolyt is looking to fill.

The Akolyt is a device that plugs directly into a car’s dashboard and provides real-time information and support to one’s smart phone via a free app. The device assists in several areas of maintaining a vehicle, from feedback on how you drive the car to upcoming maintenance alerts. That includes such things as wear on tires, breaks and oil. The Akolyt can also help to get a driver assistance should a breakdown or accident occur and CEO Michael Fernandez said at CES that the device provides performance tips that could lead to up to 20-to-30 percent in gas savings.

Of course, in an increasingly social world, users can also measure their performance against other drivers and accrue points to level up and earn badges.

The Akolyt has started to become available in Europe and Fernandez said the company has an eye towards a release in the United States at a later time.

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Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology

CES Countdown 10 In-Vehicle Technology

As a part of our Tech Podcast Network coverage of CES 2011, we are featuring a daily countdown of interviews, activities, tech zones, conference tracks and keynotes that will be included in our live coverage.

As a part of our Tech Podcast Network coverage of CES 2011, we are featuring a daily countdown of interviews, activities, tech zones, conference tracks and keynotes that will be included in our live coverage.

Innovation Design and Engineering Awards are presented at CES by PC World Magazine. That, plus the Techzone for In-Vehilce Technology rounds out today’s Countdown.