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Diabetes Management Tools From Vigilant Change Lives

vigilant-bee-insulin-trackerOne of the most exciting technology innovations seen each year at the International CES conference are those that help people manage chronic diseases like diabetes. Nearly 350 million people worldwide live with diabetes every day. Coming up with new tools to help them effectively manage their illness and stay healthy is one of the goals of many new technology companies.

Health Tech Weekly host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic got the chance to interview Richard Binier from USVigilant.com about their diabetes management tools. Their award-winning tools like the Bee Insulin dose tracking device help diabetes patients manage their illnesses better and keep them healthier than those who may not be using these types of tools.

The Bee from Vigilant attaches to most commercially available insulin dosing pens and connects wirelessly to a smartphone app to track insulin dose amount and time for the patients. This is available now and other soon to be released diabetes management tools are coming soon!

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Dexcom Innovates with Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring at CES

Dexcom_G4_PlatinumTerry Gregg, CEO of Dexcom, chats with Chris Montera, guest host with Health Tech Weekly, about the new continuous glucose monitoring system from Dexcom debuting at the International CES conference earlier this month in Las Vegas. The Dexcom G4 Platinum glucose monitor is the all-new Continuous Glucose Monitor featuring an extended 20 foot wireless range, glucose trends on a video monitor in vibrant color and a sleek and small receiver available in three colors – Classic Black, Ocean Blue, and Tickled Pink.

Continuous glucose monitoring is important for diabetes patients because their bodies lack the ability to monitor and regulate their glucose levels on their own. With the new “Share Cradle,” the uses can insert their wireless monitor for charging and also upload their monitoring data on their connected mobile device to up to 5 people. These can be family caregivers like a parent or adult child as well as health care professionals caring for the patient. The follower app allows those care givers to see what is going on with their loved one in real time via the direct connection with the continuous blood glucose monitor.


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