Quantum Operation is removing needles from blood glucose @ CES 2021

Quantum Operation blood glucose monitorFor those living with diabetes, one of the most difficult aspects of maintaining your health is the constant use of needles. There are needles for insulin injection and needles for blood glucose level readings. Many people have a problem with the idea of needles, with a strong concentration in children. But, with diabetes, there is no way around it – they are a part of your daily life. But, a new wearable device from Quantum Operation Inc. is looking to ease that stress, especially for children.

Wearable technology has become a normal part of our lives, and many have a strong focus on health and wellness. However, this new wearable device adds to those features by being able to calculate your blood glucose level without the requirement of a needle or actual blood. This is a literal game-changer for those with diabetes. No longer do you need to stick your finger several times per day in order to get your level.

But, it is important to note that this is not a single-minded product. It is, in fact, a full fitness tracker. It offers temperature, step counting, heart rate, blood pressure, and pulse oximetry. Several of these are features available on many mainstream devices, while others are highly unusual. The idea that a watch can regularly track your blood oxygen levels is fantastic. This is a metric that is important in the COVID-19 era, and usually requires a special device that you stick your finger in. Being able to track it more regularly could mean you can spot a problem earlier.

The product is currently in a prototype phase with very positive results in early tests. The system still requires clinical trials in multiple countries, including the company’s home country of Japan, before it could be made publicly available. However, you can still get more information and follow the device’s development process by heading to the Quantum Operation Inc. website.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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