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Diabetes Management Tools From Vigilant Change Lives

vigilant-bee-insulin-trackerOne of the most exciting technology innovations seen each year at the International CES conference are those that help people manage chronic diseases like diabetes. Nearly 350 million people worldwide live with diabetes every day. Coming up with new tools to help them effectively manage their illness and stay healthy is one of the goals of many new technology companies.

Health Tech Weekly host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic got the chance to interview Richard Binier from USVigilant.com about their diabetes management tools. Their award-winning tools like the Bee Insulin dose tracking device help diabetes patients manage their illnesses better and keep them healthier than those who may not be using these types of tools.

The Bee from Vigilant attaches to most commercially available insulin dosing pens and connects wirelessly to a smartphone app to track insulin dose amount and time for the patients. This is available now and other soon to be released diabetes management tools are coming soon!

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Fitbug Orb, Kik is your Personal Training Coach

Fitbug Orb

Paul Landeau of Fitbug joined Daniel and I on the TPN CES livestream to talk about Orb and Kik. Orb is a wearable technology that you can put on your wrist, clip to your belt or put in your pocket. It tracks your steps, sleep cycle and much more. This year, they are pushing Kik — a digital coach that comes with Fitbug.

They unleased Kikplan at CES. Its about more than that wearable device.

“Most people need a bit of hand-holding, positive reinforcement to achieve what they are looking for” Paul says. “We arranged different programs, like “no more baby bump”, “ready for the big day”, and “manage diabetes”. Here is a plan that supports you.”

With each plan, you will get articles, audio and video encouragement and more to keep you motivated. They are creating the content, or getting video from partners that are experts in their fields.

I showed off my Fitbug numbers, sleep cycles and steps. I showed off my 10,000 step plan in May. You can look back at your activity for the whole year or more if needed. Paul showed off his sleep cycle for CES, which shows he needs a bit more.

For more information, check out Fitbug.com


Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Daniel J. Lewis of The Audacity to Podcast