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Snyper: Empowering communities through social shopping @ CES 2024

Snyper social shoppingA groundbreaking social shopping application is transforming the landscape of affiliate marketing by establishing an equitable and inclusive platform for individuals to monetize product endorsements. The creators of this application, known as Snyper, identified the prevailing influence of major influencers in the existing market and sought to extend opportunities to all, encompassing friends, family, and community members, to engage in affiliate marketing.

Social shopping app revolutionizes affiliate marketing

The application showcases a feed where users can peruse and observe products that their connections have purchased. This engenders a sense of trust and familiarity, as users can depend on the endorsements of individuals they know and trust. For instance, a user is more likely to trust a five-star review from a well-known acquaintance who frequently travels and stays at resorts, and consider booking the same resort.

In addition to this, the application furnishes supplementary information about the product, such as product specifics, related products, and amenities. This empowers users to make informed decisions before making a purchase. Upon deciding to book a product, users have the option to pay using a variety of payment methods, including credit cards and cryptocurrency. The application monitors the user’s journey and the sources that influenced them to make the purchase.

Affiliate marketing for all

A key innovation of Snyper is the affiliate fee system. Vendors can designate a percentage as an affiliate fee for each product they offer. When a user makes a purchase through the application, this fee is divided between the individual who directly influenced the purchase and others who indirectly contributed to the user’s decision. For example, if a user clicked on a link shared by a friend and made a purchase, the friend would receive a larger portion of the affiliate fee, while others who also shared the product would receive smaller portions.

This social shopping application is revolutionizing affiliate marketing by democratizing the process. It eradicates the necessity for individuals to own a website or a substantial following on major platforms to participate in affiliate marketing. Instead, it emphasizes the power of personal connections and word-of-mouth endorsements. By providing everyone the opportunity to earn money through product endorsements, Snyper is fostering a more inclusive and equitable affiliate marketing ecosystem.

Passive income through everyday activities

Snyper allows users to monetize their lifestyle by simply doing what they already do on a daily basis. Whether it’s ordering a burger, buying new shoes online, or shopping for everyday items, users can earn passive income by doing these activities on the Snyper platform. The app acts as a middleman, connecting users with businesses and brands that are looking for product recommendations and reviews.

The slogan of Snyper, “monetize your lifestyle, influence to earn,” encapsulates the essence of the platform. It emphasizes the idea that users can continue to live their lives as they normally would, but by using the Snyper app, they can turn their everyday activities into a source of passive income. The app taps into the power of personal influence and word-of-mouth recommendations, recognizing that everyone has the potential to inspire others through their actions.

When can I use Snyper?

In terms of release, Snyper plans to launch on both the App Store and Google Play. The initial focus will be on Argentina, with plans to expand throughout South America. The founders acknowledge that building a successful platform will require hard work, dedication, and effort. They are aware that they are not a large conglomerate with massive resources, but they are committed to making Snyper a success through growth hacking strategies.

Conclusion: A new approach to affiliate marketing

In conclusion, Snyper is a social shopping app that enables users to earn passive income through their everyday activities. By leveraging personal influence and word-of-mouth recommendations, users can monetize their lifestyle and become affiliate marketers without the need for a website. With its upcoming launch in South America, Snyper aims to empower individuals to earn passive income and create meaningful connections between users and businesses.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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Lalaland.ai: Using AI technology to revolutionize e-commerce @ CES 2022

Lalaland.ai Virtual ModelsOne of the more difficult things about running an online retailer is the images. One of the most difficult industries online is fashion. Every product has to have so many phones, and you can only go into so much detail with the number of models at your disposal. While some industries, such as the automotive industry, have gone nearly entirely computer-generated imagery, fashion has not been able to follow suit. Now, with the work done by Lalaland.ai, that is all changing.

What is Lalaland.ai?

Lalaland.ai is an award-winning fashion tech start-up that uses innovative AI technology to revolutionize e-commerce for retailers and consumers alike. The firm’s virtual fashion models allow brands and retailers to create personalized shopping experiences for their customers, saving time and money in the process. Lalaland.ai is changing the way businesses think about e-commerce, and is quickly becoming a leading authority in the space!

How does Lalaland.ai work?

Lalaland.ai has the ability to create entirely AI-created human models to show off a company’s clothing. The company’s virtual fashion models are powered by innovative AI technology that allows retailers to create personalized shopping experiences for their consumers.

The firm’s virtual models are able to replicate any outfit imaginable, giving businesses a new way to diversify their brands and appeal to a wider range of consumers. They are changing the face of e-commerce and is quickly becoming a top player in the industry.

Why should I use Lalaland.ai?

If you run an online fashion brand, there are a number of reasons why you might engage with the company’s technology. The first is that the time from the initial design of a product until it can be online is greatly reduced. This is because the product doesn’t have to be manufactured before the images can be worked on. The system is able to import the 3D models from the design process and put them right onto the virtual models.

In addition to not having to wait for production to complete, you also don’t have to go through the process of hiring a team. There are no photographers, assistants, or models involved. You also don’t have to secure a photo studio in which to take all of the photos. This makes it both quicker and less expensive to get the images for the website. You also don’t have to worry about licensing the photos, especially if you’re planning to go market internationally.

The real benefit, however, is that you can show a wide range of examples without a large additional cost. You can show off a virtual model of every shape and size wearing the various sizes of clothing. You can even adjust your models to the nation in which they are being displayed. In Japan, you can show a model with a Japanese look, while showing a model with a Russian look in Russia. This can make it more natural for the local population to see how someone like them looks in the clothing.


The company has been implementing its technology with s number of clients and is looking to expand its reach. To learn more about Lalaland.ai and how it can help your business, head over to their website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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BOON Spotlight provides private and personalized shopping @ CES 2021

BOON Spotlight AI shoppingAt CES 2021, Todd Cochrane sits down to talk to Dylan Grey, founder of BOON, an award-winning startup from the UK that is revolutionizing online shopping with psychological research and AI technology.

The company has built the technology to create a personalized shopping experience using a unique combination of psychology and AI. The startup works with online retailers to deliver engaging experiences and increase their conversion rates, while also guaranteeing complete data control and privacy to the user.

BOON Spotlight leads consumers through a set of fun, image-based questions that use filtering and a psychology-backed AI to give meaningful product recommendations. The service uses groundbreaking AI and powerful filtering to shortlist the best products for each shopper, helping them discover their next purchase. BOON’s technology can be used as a personal shopping assistant or a gift finder. Shoppers can instantly replace any of their recommendations to curate a list of top picks. BOON’s AI continuously learns and improves from feedback like this, so each subsequent shopper gets a better experience and better recommendations.

The majority of consumers say they want better control of their data, but that can be a challenge for conventional tracking-based product recommendation technology. One of the benefits of BOON’s technology is that every consumer controls what data they provide and remains anonymous throughout. They took a new approach when designing their AI, building with privacy-in-mind from the ground up. Through the survey questions, users control what data they provide, and all responses are forgotten as soon as the window is closed – no cookies to track you for months on end.

Research shows that BOON’s technology will increase conversions by up to 85%. BOON has found that consumers love the experience: 96% participants complete all the questions once they start, they are up to 85% more likely to checkout, and they have a 35% larger basket size.

Improve your customers’ experience now by connecting with BOON via their website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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fash\on turns your closet on with a digital closet system @ CES 2021

fash\on digital closet systemJong-Hyun Ko is the founder of fash\on, a Korean company that has developed a Digital Closet tool to make fashion clothing shopping fast and efficient. It’s a brand new company debuting its product at CES for the first time.

The fash\on Digital Closet is designed for the customer who wants fast fashion products and regularly updates their wardrobe with the latest styles. fash\on aims to remove the obstacles that currently make both online and off-line clothing shopping slow and tedious, by separating how customers get product information from their purchasing behavior. In the case of clothing shopping, fash\on believes there’s too much information for shoppers, who can spend nearly an hour trying to find just what they’re looking for as they sort through product descriptions. Their smart Digital Closet solution aims to take the guesswork and the extra time out of the clothing shopping experience.

Company surveys show that people wear 10-20 sets of clothing per season, so what they really want, Jong-Hyun believes, is to buy clothes in their style to mix and match what they already have in their closet. Therefore, the best way to get good fashion recommendations and purchase options are to show clothing stores what’s actually in your closet.

fash\on is a digital tool that does just that, making your closet “smart” and channeling your personal styling into a subscription service. With the tag line, “Turn your Closet On”, the device and companion app help you get personalized and fast styling service, allowing you to shop online or off at your favorite retailers. You register your size with your favorite shops, then take photos of your current clothing collection, and add them to the app to find complementary clothing by color or style at your favorite clothing stores quickly and easily.

To learn more, visit the company’s website.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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Savvy: Cure for the Shopping Hangover

Simple. Effective.

You take a picture of your receipt, and if that item goes on sale you get an alert – so you can claim the better price with the retailer.

In 2010, over $20 Billion in price adjustments were left unclaimed – and retailers everywhere thank you for your inattention.  Savvy (an app for iPhone or Android) gives you a way to recover money on your purchases, by letting you know that a price change has occurred and allowing you to claim that better price.  Over 200 retailers are in the program.

Interview by Courtney Wallin of SDRNews for the TechPodcast Network.