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iPowerUp : Portable Battery Packaged with Ingenious Features

Charging Device with Fuel Gauge

IPowerUp provides an entire series of cases, combining protective case with USB charging also adds a 1700mah battery – effectively doubling the range adding 6-8 hours of use time. Other models offer pockets for drivers license or credit card, or FM modulator that automatically selects an unused channel in home or auto. Charge status is displayed directly on most models, as well as integrated solar charging to allow the device to recharge indoors or out, adding about 17 minutes of talk time for every hour in the sun.

iPowerUp also makes a Bluetooth audio amplifier and a DLP Micro-Projector that also has charging capabilities.

Interview by Andy McCaskey and Courtney Wallin of SDRNews for the TechPodcast Network.


iGo Pico Pocket Projector

The Pico pocket projector got an innovation award at CES2011, and for a reason!

iGo has come up with a great mobile solution for those of you who owns a Flip camcorder.  What’s so great about this combination is that this project is so small that it easily fits in your computer bag.

This solution allows you to show off your videos on the go whenever you want without additional equipment. You can show a 70″ display with the Pico. Perfect for the traveling journalist and hobbyist.

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