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Soul Blade earbuds want to help improve how you run @ CES 2021

Soul Blade runner earbudsMany of us always take our music with us. Whether we have over-ear or on-ear headphones, or in-ear earbuds, a lot of people carry some sort of personal audio product with them all the time. However, one group often struggles to find earbuds that work for them – runners. The new Soul Blade true wireless earbuds helps to address the concerns of runners, while adding capability for others.

The standard consumer earbuds tend to not be designed to stay in during intense motion, such as running. Specific devices tend to treat a symptom, like running a strap behind the head to keep from losing it. The Soul Blade earbuds address this problem the way older sport buds once did – with little blades inside the ear to hold them in place.

But, this isn’t where the Soul Blades really set themselves apart. The truly engaging feature of these earbuds is the health features. Built-in to the earbuds is a collection of health monitoring sensors, which can be used to track running form and vital stats. The system is even able to provide warning before injuries.

When there is an area of your form that requires improvement, a voice will chime in through the earbuds and let you know. Some of the capabilities aimed at running form include head angle, body tilt, and stride distance. At the end of the run, the connected SOULFIT app can give you detailed information about your form and any mistakes you may have made. You can also see visual representations of potential injury. You also get more traditional information, such as time, speed, calories burned, as well as a map of your run.

The Soul Blade true wireless earbuds will be available around the start of Q2 2021, and will retail for $199. To learn more about the company and its full product line, you can head to the Soul website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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Nicole Holland is all about connecting the right people together

Nicole Holland - Traffic Generation RockstarOne of the most fun aspects of Collision Conference is getting to interact with the other press and influencers in the Media Village. We get to meet people from the big publications who are always interested in our indiscrete studio setup, and we meet influencers who are looking for contacts and pointers. This year, we got the opportunity to speak with Nicole Holland, a “traffic generation rockstar.” She sat near out studio and started talking with the staff. During a break, I had the opportunity to talk with her and she did exactly what her title suggests – brought traffic to others. She lined up our interview with GenM and worked to bring us others.

But, the reality is, Nicole is an interesting person with a very positive personality. She is always looking for ways to connect people, which is a trait that our team admires because it is something that we try to do as well. It’s no wonder that people can connect with her easily and listen to what she has to say. That is the at the core of being a successful influencer in the modern age. If you can genuinely connect with people, they will trust your recommendations.

One of her big topics is podcasts, which is a perfect fit for us. She facilitates inspiring success stories, gives tips and tricks, and more on her show. She also helps others get started in telling their own brand stories through podcasting. Right now, podcasting can be a great way to reach your audience, either through your series or by guesting on someone else’s. Nicole Holland can help you use this medium to grow your influence.

To learn more about Nicole, hear her podcast, or engage her services, head on over to her website.

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USB Cloud Distribution for Media

Re-Direct Service Installs from USB Key

CLoud Example

This service might offer a digital content producer a more effective way to keep content fresh for subscribers without the overhead of e-commerce, shopping carts or elaborate back end system , yet maintain and extend the relationship for follow on order. It is a great way to keep your production and inventory costs under control.

USB-Cloud is a plug in key that maps the physical device – sold or given to a subscriber. When  it is plugged into a Windows or Mac computer’s USB port, it will automatically connect to a cloud based digial asset whenever. Each customer can be connected to a common content distribution point, or to a distribution point that has been created only for the person that has that one key ID.

There is no log-in, username, password, or similar requirement. Physical possession of the key is all that is required to access the asset. It is fully automatic on Windows machines. Mac OSX requires a one time driver download.


TPN Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDRNews.com

Ski goggles with built-in GPS and LCD

Ski goggles with built-in GPS that tracks all your stats in real-time?

Too good to be true right?

No, they’re here now! These goggles have an LCD in the corner that shows your speed, altitude, length of run, top speed, and lots more.

It’s small enough to not distract you but big enough to show you exactly what you need. In the future they are planning on integrating real-time information about where your friends are on the slope too. A must-have for avid skiers.

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