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Eton Makes Camping and Emergencies More Fun in 2016

etonradioIf you have ever lived through a hurricane in Florida, you know that there are 2 things that happen. People lock themselves in their homes with the prepared items, or flee the area entirely. But before that, they party. There is a lot of stuff that won’t survive the possible power outage, so meats, cheeses and other perishables are consumed in quantity. These parties can also happen after the power goes out, while the weather is calm.

Eton, the company that made technology an integral part of emergency preparedness, has enhanced their products to make those times more enjoyable. For example, several of their radios now come equipped with Bluetooth, allowing you to play your own music instead of what little might be on the radio. They have also added large solar cells to power the radio, as well as the phone, in the absence of power. Of course, no Eton device is quite complete without the hand crank, so you can still keep powered even when the sun is gone.

Eton’s extensive range of camping and emergency radios are available now.

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Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology

Blackout Buddy CO Lights Up Your Way with a Key Safety Feature

Blackout Buddy CO
Blackout Buddy CO

Oh, no! The power’s out, what are you going to do? If you have the Blackout Buddy CO from Eton, you’ll have a gadget that will not only help you through the power outage but keep you safe at the same time. Skip Orvis from EtonCorp.com chats with Health Tech Weekly host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic at the CES Unveiled event. The Blackout Buddy CO is an upgrade of the previous Blackout Buddy. The new device is not just a rechargeable flashlight that comes on when automatically when the power goes out and provides a night light the rest of the time. It also incorporates a carbon monoxide detector and alarm, too.

We’re seeing more tools for the home or office that provide additional safety features like the Blackout Buddy CO. Blackout Buddy doubles as an LED nightlight, so you can keep your kid’s rooms, hallways, or office illuminated during normal power cycles at night and when the lights are turned off. With the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO), a colorless, odorless and poisonous gas that can be a silent killer when people are using generators during long power outages, the Blackout Buddy CO doubles now as a true life saving device. The Blackout Buddy CO will be released by this summer in time for hurricane season on the East Coast and will retail for $59.95. Look for it as an important part of your family or business’s preparedness kit.


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Eton Turns iPod, iPhone into Solar Powered Boombox: SoulRa XL

Soulra XL
Soulra XL

Want to recreate the scene from High Fidelity, but don’t have an oversized boom box or 16 D- Batteries it takes to run it? Well that is where Eton steps in. They can not only convert your iPod or iPhone into a full size boombox, but also will help with charging, as this is also a solar powered device.

Eton has some great charging solar solutions. The SoulRa XL has a commercial grade solar panel and has a level of water resistance to protect from elements. Indoor or outdoor, you can create 5 hours charging. But of course, it makes for a great charger if in a pinch.

And of course, recreating John Cusak movies…

Interview by Jeffrey Powers: Geekazine

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