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Eton Makes Camping and Emergencies More Fun in 2016

etonradioIf you have ever lived through a hurricane in Florida, you know that there are 2 things that happen. People lock themselves in their homes with the prepared items, or flee the area entirely. But before that, they party. There is a lot of stuff that won’t survive the possible power outage, so meats, cheeses and other perishables are consumed in quantity. These parties can also happen after the power goes out, while the weather is calm.

Eton, the company that made technology an integral part of emergency preparedness, has enhanced their products to make those times more enjoyable. For example, several of their radios now come equipped with Bluetooth, allowing you to play your own music instead of what little might be on the radio. They have also added large solar cells to power the radio, as well as the phone, in the absence of power. Of course, no Eton device is quite complete without the hand crank, so you can still keep powered even when the sun is gone.

Eton’s extensive range of camping and emergency radios are available now.

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Micro Climate Air Quality Monitor

Home Weather Air Quality Monitor

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The growth of metropolitan population around the world has incredible impact on air quality. Three time CES Innovation Winner NetAtmo has designed a micro air quality sensor compatible with Android and iOS devices.  Official air quality monitors are not plentiful enough to measure and report air quality in microclimates that exist across the entire city, so these units augment the official measurement systems, and provide a more complete picture of the changes moment to moment.


The unit links via Bluetooth and compares interior and exterior air quality, pollution, humidity and air pressure. The Wifi connected base station uploads to the user account, which is then accessible from the Smartphone app.

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