Absolar finds the best locations for solar installation @ CES 2021

Absolar solar logisticsFor those of us in places like Florida, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, or Hawaii (where most of our CES team members have property), the idea of solar power is ubiquitous. You don’t really have to consider whether or not installing panels on your home or business will be productive or if the investment will ever be able to pay for itself. However, for those in other parts of the world, that is a real consideration. In order to help determine where solar will be a success, Absolar was created.

The company has created a fascinating system that combines two standard CES technologies, LiDAR and artificial intelligence, in a service that is not an autonomous vehicle or robot. Instead, they use massive yet detailed LiDAR scans of an entire city to map out the physical structure of an entire city. From that scan, they apply a machine learning algorithm in order to determine the surfaces on which solar panels will be the most productive and which will pay for themselves.

The technology was developed in conjunction with local governments in England in an attempt to reduce carbon output and non-renewable energy dependency. The LiDAR scans were made available by the government, and the data models were generated by Absolar. Together, they were able to map out a large number of buildings that could benefit from the installation of solar technology.

Even more interesting is that the technology is not limited to solar technology. With the scans and a new data model, they could identify other benefits, including green roofs, which is a trend that is starting to gain steam in the West. By training a new AI, new benefits can be achieved.

To learn more about Absolar or to find out how they can help your green initiatives, check out their website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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