Assister is making software assistants easier and safer for all

Assister AI Digital AssistantsFor software developers today, if they want to integrate an assistant into their products, they either have to rely on a third-party service, integrate with a general-purpose solution like Siri or Cortana, or limit themselves to the low value add features like FAQs and basic questions. But most developers want more capability – they want the strength of a full-featured system, with the nuance of their software. That is where Assister comes into play.

This system is designed to help software developers implement a natural language assistant into their products without having to spend the incredible amount of time and resources to build the technology themselves. What that means is that they can allow their users to ask questions or, more interestingly, pose complex challenges, in the same way they would ask another person. Imagine if your bank allowed you to ask the app, “How much money have I spent on tacos this month?” instead of looking at a list and filtering by transaction type. Or how about being able to ask Facebook messenger, “When was the last time I talked with Michele?” rather than trying to find her on your conversation list. All of this and more is possible through Assister.

Most importantly, this technology can live within the company’s platform. This means that there is no need to transfer data between systems. If the bank were to integrate that question into Siri, it would require them to give Apple the answer to the question to display on your screen. By keeping everything housed within the platform, developers no longer have to share critical information with third parties, protecting your privacy and theirs.

For more information about Assister, or to get a demo of the platform, check out the company’s website.

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