Comb app offers simple and convenient mobile appointment setting

Comb Scheduling AppThe Ayeworld Agency is a creative agency that is a hybrid of marketing and technology. They offer a variety of custom solutions for their clients, everything ranging from IT design, development, and content solutions. They came to Collision Conference 2019 because they are launching a new mobile reservations application called Comb. Founder and Managing Partner of Ayeworld, Aysha Abdullagtif came by our studio to introduce it to us.

Online services, like food ordering and ticket purchasing, have made our lives so much easier. But it seems that service industries haven’t quite caught up with the times and it isn’t as easy to schedule these appointments without calling each business. The purpose of the Comb app is to eliminate the need for so many phone calls and search engines while looking to make these service appointments. It can be such a pain to search for the right company and then place a call that almost always results in a back and forth of who is available when. Well, this app can help you with everything from scheduling facials to making an appointment for an oil change and it couldn’t be more simple. All you have to do is access the app and use the filters, such as location, time and availability. You will also have access to company reviews and pricing all right there while making the reservation.

And it’s not only easier for consumers. The app allows small and midsize businesses to maximize their appointments, inventory, etc. To start out, they will be focusing on three service industries: personal care (beauty, facial, nails, spas), therapeutic services (massage therapy, acupuncture), and fitness studios (yoga, pilates, fitness classes, etc.). And in the near future, they are looking to expand to others, such as automotive, family medical and home services. The system is so convenient and easy for the businesses to use, it even has an available plugin that will integrate into the system that they are already using.

You can learn the details by watching the full interview and also by checking out their website.

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