BooknBrunch brings people together over food, fun, and reading

BooknBrunch Book ClubsIn an age where technology is becoming our companion, it is getting harder and harder to feel connected to other people. For some, it can create a deep depression, which causes isolation, only exacerbating the problem. In this case, simply finding a way to connect with someone over a commonality can be a lifesaver. Such was the case for the sister of Daniela Kelloway, who created BooknBrunch after seeing her sister’s experience with depression. By simply creating a book club and spending time with people, her depression began to lift.

BooknBrunch is a platform that allows people to create a meal-based meetup group without all of the overhead of going out to eat with a group. The platform has information about restaurants that cater to groups, including group menus and private room details. Once the restaurant is chosen, the style of meeting can be chosen. You can have people pay for their meals ahead of time, taking the financial burden off of the organizer. It also eliminates the awkward and annoying period at the end of the meal, but before the end of the event, where a server comes around with checks. Now you can simply enjoy the event during the event.

There are also big benefits for attendees, in addition to the end of event financial benefits. If the organizer has made the event public, anyone can find it and join the group. You can see the restaurant details, event menu, and price of the meetup. Plus, you can see the book that the group will be discussing with a link to purchase, so you can make sure to read it ahead of time. You can also see information about the host, including a rating of their past events.

Because of the need to build venue relationships, BooknBrunch is currently available in a couple of parts of Canada, with expansion plans for the near and long term future. Find out more about the platform on their website.

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