HiRide is the safer way for students to travel long distances

HiRide Student CarpoolIt is not unusual for college students to not have their own cars, or not have the ability to travel long distances, such as going back home. Because of this, students have tried to look for ways to find people traveling to the location they need to go to in order to carpool. This causes all kinds of problems, the most prominent of which being the incredible danger it puts the student in. There is no way for the students to get background information on the driver or to be confident in their safety. That’s why HiRide was born.

HiRide is a carpooling app especially for college students looking to travel longer distances. It provides students and parents with a level of security that will make the experience better for everyone. Like other carpooling or ride-sharing apps, the drivers are vetted to provide ease of mind for the riders. Once they are approved, drivers can enter into the app where they are going and when. From there, students can find drivers who are going to where they need to go and join the trip.

In an effort to provide more transparency, HiRide provides live GPS tracking of the route, both to the student and to other trusted parties, such as parents or roommates. This allows the other person to know exactly where the student is, in the event something goes wrong.

One of the biggest benefits of the app is that it tries to pair drivers and riders together that will enjoy traveling together. This allows the student to actively engage with the driver, rather than just being a passenger in the car. Traveling long distances with someone who you have nothing in common with is far less fun than traveling with someone you can talk to.

HiRide is currently available in a testing phase, with plans to expand in the near future. You can find out more on their website.

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