In with Hal, who can be a lifesaver and out with impersonal assistance

Hal Personal AssistantThis is the age of everything internet. When someone wants to look up something or find out information or directions, they Google it or look to Siri, Cortana or Alexa. Now there is Hal, which stands for Human Artificial Intelligence instead of AI, which is Artificial Intelligence. There was a time when people wanted advice on things or had to vent, they wrote to”Dear Abby”. Today they write to Hal but you text him.

In this time, many people are constantly talking to computers which has created a form of isolation. This can lead to all kinds of problems for them. They have minimal contact with people and can sometimes go to a dark place, which can then result in severe loss of normalcy in their behavior. In an episode of Boston Legal, Jerry Espenson famously called 411 just looking for a human voice but was instead greeted by a computer asking “city and state, please.” Because Hal is powered by a person, he has even been able to prevent suicide because the person can talk it out and get to a better place.

Being Hal is a paid position, just like an Uber driver. The position of Hal is paid by the interaction with the user. The longer you are interacting with the user, the more you get paid. The cost for the user is $3.99 per month unlimited usage. The availability of Hal is 24/7 and always there when the user needs him. There is a tool inside the app where the user can store information from previous chats that they may need to refer to for later use, such as a favorite restaurant or the best place to visit in certain cities. This can be very helpful for anyone traveling with any frequency, or who entertains a lot.

Hal is available now but for more information go to the website.

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