Frogo makes online dating more fun with a game-like environment

Frogo Dating AppThere are a ton of mobile dating platforms in the world, so new services have to do something special to separate themselves. Some go after a particular market, such as LGBT users. Others create special restrictions, such as requiring a woman to make the first move. One uses DNA matching to find compatible matches. Frogo takes a different approach, creating a personality and interest profile to help find possible matches.

While most dating apps begin to get tedious after a short time, Frogo is different. It is designed specifically to be a game, whose prize is potential dates. While some personality surveys come across exactly that way, this one feels more like a game. The questions are more fun than “Favorite sport?” looking more like “Do you prefer to play a sport rather than watch it?” This gives the platform more interesting information on which to base matches.

Once a match is made, you can increase (or potentially decrease) the quality of that match by “frogging” one another. This allows you to answer new questions together. If you answer similarly, your match percentage can go up. You can also purchase special question packs, similar to how you might purchase skins for a videogame. These new questions can expand on a commonality between you and your match or can explore a new aspect of your connection. There are even more risque type questions, intended specifically for adult subscribers. This could, for some, be a more laid back way of breaching the subject of physical intimacy.

Outside of the game aspect of the app, Frogo is a fairly standard dating platform. You can chat with your matches, make plans, and ultimately meet in person. The app does include a number of anti-harassment features, however, including not allowing users to share private photos with one another. This prevents unwanted photos from being sent without permission. All profile photos are verified for compliance with the rules.

Frogo is available now for both iOS and Android devices. Service starts at free.

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