ActiveChat makes chatbots easy for websites and natural for users

ActiveChat Natural ChatBotsOne of the biggest trends over the past few years on the web has been the addition of the chat bubbles in the bottom right corner of websites. These little bubbles can provide website visitors with the ability to communicate with people at the company, such as support or sales. However, they don’t give immediate information. Usually, there is no one sitting at their computer waiting for a question to come in. Instead, “someone typically replies within a few hours.” However, with ActiveChat, websites can provide instant answers to common questions without agents or support tickets.

The system is based on conversational chatbots, giving website owners the ability to choose their most common support items and automate the answers involved. Using a visual building platform, the owner would usually start with a template. In the case of an online retailer, perhaps the problem they are looking to automate is verifying the status of an order. In this case, you might start with a shipping tracking template. From there, you can integrate your order database, including tracking numbers. Then, once deployed, a customer could ask the chatbot, in plain English, “Where’s my order?” and the chatbot can get the required information, and automatically track the shipment.

The real magic of the platform comes from the conversational style of the chatbots. Rather than the user having to know the strange and stilted syntax of the bot (think Siri), they can speak in more natural sentences, and the bot can determine intention (think Cortana). Using Natural Language Processing means that these chatbots can easily be used by first-timers who do not have training on the platform.

ActiveChat started its life on AppSumo, a service that features top-quality new software for small businesses. It is ]available today to everyone, starting with a free tier.

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