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ADAM: The digital asset manager for your post-life planning @ CES 2024

ADAM digital asset managerIn today’s digital age, we have become increasingly reliant on our smartphones and computers to store and preserve our precious memories, important documents, and personal information. However, have you ever stopped to think about what would happen to all of these digital assets if something were to happen to you? This is where ADAM comes in.

ADAM – Securely pass on digital assets

ADAM, which stands for All-Life Digital Asset Manager, is a revolutionary app developed to address the question of what happens to your digital assets when you die. The CEO, Michael Okoye, explains that if something were to happen to you, all of your photos, videos, passwords, and files stored on your phone would be lost forever if you haven’t shared your password with anyone. This is a common dilemma faced by many individuals who prioritize their privacy and don’t want to grant access to their entire digital lives to others.

To solve this problem, ADAM offers a secure way to pass on your digital assets to the individuals you choose, ensuring that they have access to them when you want them to. The company has patented two key features that make this possible: the executor key and the release timer. When you create an ADAM account, you are given a unique 32-digit alphanumeric executor key. This key is then shared with the person you designate as your executor, granting them access to your account.

However, to prevent unauthorized access while you’re still alive, ADAM has implemented the release timer. If someone tries to enter the executor key into the executor portal while you’re still around, you will be notified. That notification acts as a confirmation of life, and if you respond, their access will be denied. Only after your passing and the predetermined release timer duration has elapsed will your executor gain access to everything in your account.

In terms of pricing, ADAM offers a free version with limitations on the amount of data that can be uploaded, as well as advertisements. For users who require more storage and want to remove ads, there are paid options available. The monthly subscription costs $5.95, while the yearly subscription is priced at $49.99. Additionally, the company offers a lifetime subscription for just $299, which seems like a very reasonable and affordable option for those who want to secure their digital assets for the long term.

Sharing only what you think is relevant after you’re gone

One of the key features of ADAM is that it allows you to manually upload specific photos, passwords, files, and other important digital assets that you want your executor to have access to. This ensures that they don’t have to sift through irrelevant or unimportant content, making their job easier when you’re gone. This feature is particularly useful when dealing with large amounts of data, as it allows you to curate and organize the most critical and personal items for your loved ones.

The significance of ADAM extends beyond personal memories and sentimental items. As Okoye points out, there are often important documents, such as insurance policies or legal papers, stored on our devices that would be crucial for our loved ones to access after our passing. ADAM provides a secure and organized platform for storing and sharing these critical documents, ensuring that they are readily available when needed.

Furthermore, ADAM offers the ability to bulk download all the content stored in the account. This means that once your executor gains access, they can easily download all the digital assets to their phone or computer, providing them with a comprehensive backup of your important files and memories.

Secure cloud storage service

One of the main concerns when it comes to storing data in the cloud is security. As users are likely to store their most important documents and memories on the platform, it is crucial to ensure that unauthorized individuals cannot access this sensitive information.

ADAM uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for encryption and storage. The company and its employees cannot see anything that users upload onto their ADAM account, and they leave the encryption and security to AWS, a reputable and trusted company that deals with big companies. This ensures that the data is stored at rest encrypted, providing an additional layer of security.

Conclusion: Preserving your memory is easy with ADAM

In conclusion, ADAM is a groundbreaking app that addresses the issue of what happens to our digital assets when we die. By securely passing on our photos, videos, passwords, and files to designated individuals, ADAM ensures that our memories and important documents are preserved and accessible to our loved ones. With features like the executor key, release timer, and the ability to curate specific content, ADAM simplifies the process of transferring digital assets and provides peace of mind for the future.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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Keepser Cold Wallet: Future-proof tool for crypto investors @ CES 2022

Keepser Cold WalletWhether you are new to the crypto game or have been involved since the beginning, protecting your investment from theft needs to be your top priority. Every year, billions of dollars worth of crypto assets are stolen from online wallets at exchanges and on personal computers and phones. The only way to trust protect your assets is to keep them in a place where the outside world can’t access them – cold storage. Keepser Cold Storage is a cold storage solution designed to grow with you and the industry.

What is Keepser?

For crypto investors, Keepser Cold Wallet is the perfect solution for storing and managing digital assets. The company has overcome the weaknesses of alternative solutions, making KCW today’s most efficient, secure, and cost-effective option. Keepser Cold Wallet supports any cryptocurrencies platform and is future-proof by design. It offers multi-level security and rights management, making it ideal for both enterprises and consumers.

The device is the only cold storage solution that does not require batteries or an internet connection, making it ideal for both enterprises and consumers. It also offers multi-level security and rights management.

What is Cold Storage?

Cold storage is a term used for various methods of securing cryptocurrency offline. Cold storage methods can range from something as simple as a paper wallet to more complex solutions like Keepser Cold Wallet. The device stores your digital assets offline on a USB drive, making it impossible for hackers to access your coins.

The main reason to use cold storage is to protect your assets from theft. By keeping your currency offline, you make it impossible for thieves to steal your coins. Cold storage is also a great way to store large amounts of cryptocurrency without having to worry about hackers or scammers getting their hands on them.

How Does Keepser Work?

Keepser Cold Wallet is based on NFC technology, making it compatible with any computer platform that supports this feature. No special software or drivers are needed – the device simply plugs into your USB port and works right out of the box. Keepser Cold Wallet can store any type of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. KCW also features an OLED display and a built-in button for easy access and operation.

The product is future-proof by design and supports any cryptocurrencies platform. This means that as new coins are introduced, the product can continue to grow with you. No need to replace your wallet just because Tony Stark decides to create a Stark Coin.

Who is Keepser for?

Keepser is perfect for both enterprise and consumer use. Keepser Cold Wallet offers multi-level security and rights management, making it ideal for businesses that need to protect their digital assets. The device is also great for consumers who want to keep their crypto investments safe from theft and fraud.


Keepser Cold Wallet is available now for pre-order for 379€. To learn more about the product or to pre-order your own, head over to their website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central and Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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StoAmigo Gives You A Cloud

StoAmigo LogoRegular patrons of Kickstarter and Indiegogo will know that personal cloud devices regularly pop up for crowdfunding. Having said that, there’s no need to take a chance and wait several months as StoAmigo have created a complete ecosystem that unifies network cloud, personal cloud and device storage. Don Baine finds out more from Richard Stiles, VP StoAmigo.

StoAmigo brings together storage into an “access anywhere” cloud from multiple sources and key to the ecosystem is StoAmigo’s TackApp which joins local device storage from PC, Mac or Android smartphone into the cloud. Accessing the StoAmigo cloud from the smartphone client app, Don is impressed by the speed and responsiveness of the system. Video and music can be streamed instantly, and as expected, all the data is encrypted.

All the software is free to download so there’s no risk in trying it out. For those wanting a dedicated storage device, StoAmigo’s CloudLocker provides an initial 278GB of NAS storage which can be expanded by adding additional USB storage. It’s priced at US$349 but there’s currently $150 off if you’re quick.

Don Baine is the Gadget Professor and he holds classes at TheGadgetProfessor.com.

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Run your own remote storage with Western Digital’s MyCloud

mycloud 04 300x228 Run your own remote storage with Western Digitals MyCloudAt CES 2014, Western Digital, one of the world’s leading storage solutions provider, presented an external hard drive that allows you to save everything AND access it anytime, anywhere.

Also known as the My Cloud, this new external hard drive by Western Digital is more than just an external hard drive. It is an external hard drive that allows you to save all your content and access it anywhere. Whether you’re on your home or on the road, you can access all of your data on your My Cloud from your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone anytime you want to. With My Cloud, you can store anything — photos, documents, videos, music — in one secure place on your home network. What makes MyCloud different from other external hard drives available out there? With MyCloud, you don’t have to take it with you just so you can access it. You don’t even have to plug it in your gadget to access your files. My Cloud is like a mini computer; it has an operating system and a processor that you can simply plug into your router even without connecting to your computer. Through 3G, 4G, or WiFi connections, you can access all of your files 24/7 no matter how far you are from the external hard drive itself.

Using Western Digital’s My Cloud Mobile App and Desktop App, you can remotely access all of your contents from any device. Plus, it doesn’t matter whether you’re using a Mac or PC; no need to format your files! It just knows what you’re on, making it easier to use it especially when you’re using iOS, Android and Windows.

Western Digital’s My Cloud personal cloud storage comes in three different models — 2 TB, 3 TB, and 4TB. They also have the EX4, which is more suitable for professionals, which has a capacity 0TB-16TB. The EX4 also have advanced features and RAID 5 capabilities that will be perfect for group management. The EX4 comes in non-populated version — where you can build your own drives — and populated version, which comes in 8 TB, 12 TB and 16 TB. With the populated version, you can simply turn it on, not do anything with it and access your files remotely. It also comes in several advanced features, as well as advanced backup, energy-saving features, and advanced apps, to name a few.

As for the pricing, Western Digital’s 2 TB My Cloud is available at only $149, 3 TB at $179, and $219 for the 4 TB My Cloud. In addition, these external hard drives have USB expansion ports; should ran out of content, simply plug in a My Passport or My Book type of drive and expand the storage on the drive. The My Cloud EX4, on the other hand, starts at $349 for the non-populated version and up to $1149 for the 16 TB drives. Visit WD.com to learn more about the My Cloud and EX4 and its individual features.

Interview by Daniel J. Lewis from The Audacity to Podcast.


Rocstor: Secure Storage with Data Encryption

RocstorLogoKeeping data secure without having to load special drivers or programs offers a lot of appeal. RocStor builds ruggedized drive enclosures with built in encryption that mount just like a regular portable drive. Using access cards or a hardware token, the drive is built so that tampering will be immediately obvious. The drives are fully bootable in both Apple OSX and in Windows 7 and 8. It is particularly useful for financial workers, doctors, lawyers and others with high value data. Originally designed for US Government applications, this USA manufactured product begins at $250 for a 1TB drive. Firewire and USB interfaces are available. TPN Interview by Andy McCaskey, SDRNews and Scott Ertz, F5 Live: Refreshing Technology .


Polkast: Personal Cloud at Lightening Speed

Why upload and download to the cloud when you can create a personal cloud for data anywhere ?

Polkast is a new P2P approach to file access that you control. Your files are stored on systems that you control, and it doesn’t matter where the files are stored. With Polkast, you get anytime access to all of your files from any of your computers or mobile devices.

And, on your local network, files transfer at 10x the speed of a traditional upload/download from an external cloud service. And Polkast indexes and enables you to search for files from your mobile device- then pull just the one you need.


Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDRNews for the TechPodcast Network.



Ever Wonder About SD Cards ? This Might Surprise You

The common SD memory card has been around for a number of years: conveniently sized storage, plenty of capacity. Unfortunately, familiarity breeds ignorance, and a lot of consumers end up with the wrong product for their device.   Alisa Hicks of the SD Association points out that many product performance issues with respect to SD cards could be solved simply by reading the equipment manual and then making an informed buying decision, instead of grabbing the latest bargain-bin price buster and pushing it into the slot.

SD memory cards come in a variety of speed classes and three different physical sizes: SD, miniSD, and microSD. The SD Association has tutorial videos and consumer information on their site, to help you get the right product for your device.

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CES Countdown 1 Storage and Wireless

Just one day to go  ! As a part of our Tech Podcast Network coverage of CES 2011, we are featuring a daily countdown of interviews, activities, tech zones, conference tracks and keynotes that will be included in our live coverage.

The Wireless Conference Track and the Storage Techzone fill out the interview discussion for today.