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QuardioArm, QuardioCore Measures Blood Pressure, ECG

quardio-2Marco Peluso of Quardio joins us on the TPN CES live stream. Quardio introduced QuardioArm and QuardioCore products to capture more information about your heart. The QuardioArm is a blood pressure monitor while the core is a piece you set on your chest. It acts similar to a ECG monitor.

Using secure cloud storage, your health data is stored and can be seen by you, friends, family, or a health care professional.

Quardio is HIPPA compliant. The core has a rechargeable battery you plug in for a few hours a day.

QuardioCore will be available in June for $449. The QuardioArm is $99 and available for pre-sale

To find out more, check out getQuardio.com


Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Don Baine of The Gadget Professor with help of Chris Montera of Health Tech Weekly

Gazercam Gives Your Camera, Smartphone Stabilization


When Gazercam walked up to the booth, I was instantly mesmerized. Bettina Schnell of Gazercam joined us for the TPN CES Live stream. Gazercam is an electronic stabilizer for your consumer camera or smartphone. Gazercam also can work for GoPro and DSLR cameras.

Once you calibrate, just point and shoot. You can run, jump and more and the video will be as smooth as possible. Gazercam makes multiple gimbles for your camera.

The gimble also has a recharging battery and up/down option so you can keep your hand steady and still keep people in frame.

Find out more at Gazercam.com


Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Chris Montera of Health Tech Weekly

TPN.TV Crowdfund for CES 2014

We are going to CES 2014. You can come along with us spirit and get mentioned on it. That is because TPN.TV started a Crowdfund to help raise money to help with our livestream efforts!

Support our Live Stream action at CES!

The Techpodcasts crew has come out to cover the Consumer Electronics Show since 2007. In 2011, we chose to add a new level of coverage by putting together a livestream booth. For the last 3 years you could watch the show as it unfolded right through TPN.TV.

2014 will be no different. This year we will add a new element – YOU!

I'm A Backer!
I’m A Backer!

TPN.TV Crowdfund through FundAnything.com

We chose FundAnything as our Crowdfund platform for CES action. We are looking to cover at least $5,000 of the show. This will account for plane tickets, hotel rooms and other needs (taxi, car rental, shipping, etc).

With as little as $10, you can support our efforts at CES. For $25, we will send you a nice T-shirt that says “I’m a Backer TPN@CES 2014”. These shirts are made through CafePress.

Other cool backer gifts will be coupons for 80% off a canvas photo print at Cafe Press, a PLAY 25X TV mount from Omnimount.com, podcast coach time from Jeffrey Powers and Howtorecordpodcasts.com and much more!

Help Us Meet Our Goal!

The more you help means the more we can do for this year’s coverage. We want to be your primary source for CES 2014 with our best Independent coverage. So please check out the levels and back us at what you can spare.