Task Complete: Aiper keeps your pool clean without cords @ CES 2023

Aiper Pool Cleaning RobotIf you own a pool, you know that maintaining the pool can be a pain. Between keeping the pH balance correct, a garage full of various chemicals, a constant fight against leaves, plus keeping the bottom clean, there is always something to do. There have been machines to help with the process, like filters and vacuums, but even that isn’t perfect. However, Aiper has a line of underwater robots to make maintaining your pool easier.

What is Aiper?

Aiper is a robotics company that makes an entirely cordless robotic pool cleaner. This machine is able to maneuver itself around the bottom of your pool without any obstructions and keep the surface of the pool clean. Because of its design, it is also able to come out of the water slightly in order to clean the ring around the pool above the water surface and below the deck.

If you’ve had an indoor robotic vacuum, you generally understand the concept. The machine goes into the water and travels around the surface to keep it clean. The system maps out the surface of the pool ahead of time, which helps it to ensure that a complete cleaning is accomplished. The robot is also battery-powered and easily rechargeable. In fact, it only takes 90 minutes for a complete charge. To keep the robot itself clean, simply remove the filter, empty it out, and put it back in.

Why choose Aiper?

We’ve all seen pool cleaners that live under the water. Traditionally, these machines have a very long shop vac pipe that pulls behind them. Using that tube, the machine is able to essentially vacuum the bottom of the pool, with the suction coming from the other end of the tube. This design is functional, but also creates a lot of problems.

The tubes often get tied up in knots as the cleaner goes under them. This prevents the machine from completing its cleaning path and can also cause damage to the tube itself. If the cleaner doesn’t get under the tube, it might just get caught and stopped, once again ending the cleaning cycle whether or not the pool is clean. in either case, you’re going to have to get involved, often inside of the pool, and resolve the issue.

This is where the biggest win comes in for Aiper. Since the Aiper robotic cleaners are battery-powered with their vacuums built into the machine, there are no tubes. This means that there is no chance that it gets caught up in itself. All of this prevents interaction from the owner and significantly reduces the chances of damage to the machine or other items, including toys, in the pool.


Several models of the Aiper robotic pool vacuums are available now. The newest model, the Aiper Seagull Pro, will release on March 20, 2023. You can purchase the existing models or pre-order the new model at the company’s store. To learn more about the company and the full line of products, you can go to the company’s website.

Interview by Daniele Mendez of The New Product Launchpad.

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