Elysie is a backpack with power for people on the go @ CES 2021

Elysie smart backpackWhether you’re a photographer, writer, journalist, or podcaster, there is one very common thread – the need for portable power. Heck, even regular device users know that, by the end of a long day, your phone is likely dead or nearly so. Portable battery packs can solve the problem for some people, but for many, we need more. Fortunately, we’ve got a more powerful solution in Elysie.

Elysie is, on the surface, a backpack. But, in reality, it is so much more. It’s got power storage built into it, with 2 separate 25,000 mAh batteries. In the outer shell, which is a polycarbonate material, are photovoltaic cells (solar cells) to charge the internal batteries. While the cells will charge best in the sunlight, they will also charge inside under decent lighting. The straps are reinforced, which makes the backpack great for carrying equipment, and feature photoluminescent straps, one at the top and bottom of each side (a total of 4).

The Elysie bag has a ton of smart technology integrated into it. Using the connected mobile app, you can check on the bag’s battery level. It can also tell you the current air quality in your current location. It’s also got a number of tracking systems built-in. Obviously, this is a bag you’re not going to want to lose. Fortunately, it has integrated geolocation tracking, so if you leave it behind somewhere, you can find out where.

One of the really interesting aspects of the Elysie bag is its ability to track what is inside. Using RFID tags attached to items, you can log what you regularly carry, like a laptop, camera, and headphones. When they are in the bag, it can let you know. More importantly, when they are missing, the app can also let you know.

The company is currently working on distribution and hopes to bring the Elysie bag to market soon. To learn more about the bag and the company, head over to the Elysie website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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