Kawantech is moving smart technology to the streets @ CES 2021

Kawantech smart public lightingWe live in a world of “Smart” everything. Smartphones put the world in our hands. Smartwatches put an entire computer on our wrists. Smart cars can direct, park and even drive us. We have even done interviews for companies that have come up with smart clothing. And although we here at PLUGHITZ love it all (ok, most of it), it’s getting to the point where new ideas for smart technology are beginning to get mocked and seen as a bit of an overreach by some. So, we have probably hit that point where there’s really nothing else to smarten up, right? Well… No. Some engineers are actually so insightful that they are able to see amazing potential in even the most common items. And Kawantech is one of the companies that share in this ingenuity.

In fact, they are a company that has been created by skilled entrepreneurs that have experience in connected vehicles and infrastructure. And while we are all aware of the strides that have been made in automobile electronics and technology, most people don’t even think about making the actual infrastructure smart. But Kawantech believes that cities actually need digital infrastructure, as well. This will help to get a whole new generation of public services that are based around mobility. A modern city with new technologies can bring added safety and also improve daily life. But creating all new components to add to the current infrastructure would be cumbersome, costly, and possibly bad for the environment. But what they have created is actually a great idea that, in concept, will save money, resources, and even lives.

Their concept is smart public lighting, specifically streetlights. By adding a brain (KARA) inside of streetlights, cities will have the ability to regulate energy, keep the streets safer and even help to alleviate traffic jams. What a great idea! Taking an existing, and useful, object and modifying it to be even more useful. Their concept adds sensors that can be enabled to do things like monitor and report traffic conditions to existing map apps that will add another layer to help commuters better navigate their routes. And uses/features can continue to be upgraded as time goes on and be better adapted to the needs of the users. As for the light itself, it is engineered to be extremely energy efficient. For starters, they will only light up when needed. They will also have the ability to be brighter on the sidewalks and crosswalks than in the streets, to make sure that pedestrians are always well lit and can easily be seen by drivers. Overall, this will allow for energy savings of up to 70% for the cities while keeping the citizens safer and happier.

To find out more, make sure to watch the full interview and visit the Kawantech website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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