Allergy Butler: a smart approach to airborne allergies in your home

Allergy Butler Home Allergy CareAllergy Butler is a full-service airborne allergy service that brings FDA-approved testing and therapies that can bring you and your family lasting allergy relief, without the need to spend hours at a doctors office. The founder’s family suffered from debilitating airborne allergies, and it is in that spirit that they wanted to offer everyone a convenient allergy treatment that actually works, by bringing together the best research, technology, and experience for you.

Allergies are the 3rd most common chronic disease. Between 30 and 40% of all Americans suffer from them, while also being responsible for 70% of asthma flare-ups, 65% of respiratory infections, and 80% of ear, nose, and throat infections. The service works in 12 easy steps. They arrive at your home, get your basic health information and vitals. They then perform an allergy test, utilizing Comforten: a method that places tiny barbs on your arm that you can barely see and feels as though someone laid a wire brush across your skin. Placing the device 3 times on each arm, they can test for 58 allergens common in your area in addition to 2 control allergens. This is all done quickly because they are doing 10 at a time. Allergy Butler then measures your reaction to the allergens which often manifest as small bumps similar to mosquito bites.

Inputting that information into their software analyzes your results against allergy research, chemistry, botany, biology and anatomy, and even weather patterns. This can provide instant results to create the perfect therapy. A week later they return to your home with a custom immunotherapy regiment, bringing you all the supplies you need, plus training you on everything you need to know. Once you’re trained you start your shots, using the smallest needles available, injecting into the abdomen because there is more fat and fewer nerves, resulting in less pain than in the arm.

If airborne allergies ail you, Allergy Butler may just be the solution. For more information visit the company’s website.

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