LISA Life Saving RobotWhile it may not be at the forefront of most of our minds, drowning is a huge problem. Every 60 seconds, someone in the world dies from drowning. Children are particularly at risk because they have less self-awareness, spatial awareness, and life experience to prevent a dangerous situation and to alleviate one that has already begun. Because of this ever-present danger, a new robot from Health Sonics has entered the scene, and her name is LISA.

LISA is a truly life-saving robot, intended to help prevent this high number of deaths. She accomplishes this in a couple of steps. The first is through detection and alert. This works similarly to other detection machines, recognizing the signs of a struggle and alerting an outside party, such as a parent or emergency services.

While this is a good feature, it is not unique. Where LISA sets herself apart from other detection systems is that she can actively come to the rescue of the person in trouble. While LISA is alerting the outside world to trouble, she is also able to swim to the person in need and bring them back to the surface of the water. She does this by wrapping herself around the person and holding them above the surface.

In addition to the feature of maintaining the drowning person above the water, LISA also monitors vital signs. This is helpful for the people who come to the rescue, whether it be a family member or emergency services. This could be an essential piece of the puzzle for helping to make sure that the rescue is a success.

LISA is available for pre-order now and is designed to work in both private, public, and commercial pool environments. For more information about LISA, or to pre-order your LISA, check out the company’s website.

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