ConnectedYou is connecting cellular IoT devices around the globe

ConnectedYou IoT SIMThe Internet of Things, better known to the world as IoT, is a complicated network of devices that are able to collect information about the world and share it. This information can be used for something as simple as maintaining a comfortable temperature in a building or can be as complex as maintaining and securing a fleet of vehicles. But maintaining these connections can be difficult, especially when the sensors are on the move. That’s where ConectedYou comes in.

The company provides a special SIM card that can be used in a connected device instead of a traditional carrier-supplied card. This special SIM allows for quick and programmable switching of networks without having to involve the carriers themselves. Because the SIM is an eSIM implemented in a standard plug-in SIM body, it is usable in any GSM or LTE device from any manufacturer. Take, for example, a cargo train traveling across North America, up the West Coast. Through the heavily populated parts of California, T-Mobile might be an inexpensive data provider. However, in the unpopulated parts of Washington, AT&T might be the only option. And, when it enters Canada, neither are good choices and instead needs TELUS.

Previously, this network switch was not possible without physically swapping out SIM cards, something that is not possible in the noted scenario. Using ConnectedYou, and their management platform, this becomes a simple task. Use the company’s management console to create rules and change carriers on the fly. Or, use the APIs to create even more intricate swapping algorithms. Wherever your devices are, you can create a scenario so that they can communicate with your network and your infrastructure.

The ConnectedYou SIM is available now for use in IoT devices globally. To learn more about the platform, or to purchase a SIM, head to the company’s website.

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