Advocado allows advertisers to connect TV ads with Google Search

Advocado Online Marketing ToolsOne of our absolute favorite interviews from Collision 2018 was with a company called Advocado. That’s why we brought back the co-founder, Brian Handrigan, to give us an update on the platform.

The platform is designed to give companies the ability to enhance their online advertising experience while making it less expensive to accomplish. It all works by knowing what is happening on television and responding accordingly. Advocado’s system watches television all over the country looking for specific advertising and content. When that content is detected, the system goes into action, making changes to Google AdSense advertising rules for a short period after the trigger.

Since last year, some big changes have happened. First, no longer does the system require a special watermark to identify the triggering content. This is important because it means that an advertiser can now run online micro-campaigns based on content that is not theirs. Previously, Amazon could buy Google keywords for AWS and cloud for 3 minutes surrounding their Amazon Web Services commercials. Now, Microsoft can buy keywords for AWS and cloud for 3 minutes surrounding commercials for Amazon Web Services. This is a game-changer for companies who want to take advantage of the increased search traffic of their competitors.

The second big change is the response from Google to the platform. Google uses AI to detect changes on the internet to identify indicators for search results. For example, a trending topic on Twitter might change the way search results are displayed for related keywords. Advocado’s technology has been so effective for their customers that Google’s AI has detected the platform’s buying directives as search trend indicators. This means that the longer a campaign runs for a particular keyword, the better the results will get for the advertiser.

Advocado’s advertising platform is available now as a full-featured platform. To learn more, check out their website.

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