CoHealth brings medical peace of mind to patients and caretakers

CoHealth Patient ManagementIf you have ever had to deal with a chronic health issue, or even a serious one-time issue, either for yourself or a loved one, you know that the biggest issue is communication between the medical professional and the patient and caretakers. Doctors’ instructions can be missed, steps can be misheard, and life-altering side effects can be the result. Luckily, now there’s CoHealth, a patient relationship platform that enhances the experience of both patients and caretakers.

Take, for example, the experience of one of the company’s co-founders, Zack. He broke his leg while playing Ultimate Frisbee (yes, everyone involved knows it’s an embarrassing injury). While we all think of a broken bone as a fairly routine issue, Zack’s experience was anything but. He was told that, if his leg began to tingle, he should return to the hospital IMMEDIATELY, because it could indicate a serious issue. Unfortunately, because of the trauma of the injury and/or the medications, he didn’t hear this instruction. When his leg began to tingle, he almost didn’t respond, Fortunately, he went to another hospital, who told him if he had waited any longer, he might have lost his leg. All this because of Frisbee.

This experience was the birth of CoHealth. No longer are there missed instructions, because they are all spelled out in the app. No longer are family members left in the dark, as caretakers can also be given access to the app – able to see the same instructions and follow-up care as the patient. And, to make it better, the platform is made available to patients and caretakers at no direct cost. This means that the enhanced medical experience will not cost the patients anything.

The platform is available now from various healthcare providers in the Northeast, including Canada and New York, with plans to expand its reach over time.

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