Businesses and influencers will love CLIC’s effortless content sharing

CLIC Content ManagementSocial media. There is certainly no lack of opinions and judgments on this topic. The debates seem to grow larger by the day. Whether it’s the root of all evil, the most amazing tool for staying connected, or somewhere in between, there’s no doubt that it plays a very substantial role in our current society. The truth is, social media is a very important tool for businesses and consumers, alike. It enables a business to not only connect, grow, and influence, but also get important feedback. Alternatively, it allows consumers the ability to stay informed and improve their purchasing power. But how does a company most effectively utilize such a powerful tool and make sure that their message is personal and on point? CLIC Technologies has an answer for that.

Seraj Toefy, CEO and Founder of CLIC Technologies came from Cape Town, South Africa to Collision Conference 2019 to exhibit their solution for businesses that have multiple social media users. CLIC stands for Central Library of Integrated Content. They realized that the increasing number of images and messages that are now constantly bombarding us on social media is just creating a haze in our feeds. So they are working on a new way of allowing content owners the ability to create their specific content in a way that is easily received and shared by their audience.

CLIC’s platform makes it easy for enterprises and businesses to create and share their messages. They do this by offering a content library that allows users to access pre-approved text, images, video, infographics, and podcasts. Having these items easily accessible right at your fingertips makes it easier to get content out to your target demographic quickly. Content can also be personalized to each user with images and the ability to have your personal details automatically embedded. We especially love the newsletter generator that creates brand consistent communications in seconds and the reports that allow you to track everything on the dashboard, so you know what is working and what is not.

To learn more about how CLIC can personalize and streamline your communications, be sure to watch the complete interview. And don’t forget to check out their website.

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