You Can Earn Free Travel While You are Sleeping!

WishpointsEveryone loves to travel. Now you can travel for free with WishPoints. It is an app that allows you to upload your travel photos as a postcard and recommendations for cool places to visit or restaurants to enjoy. You then share them with your friends and they respond to your postcards. The better you are at recommending places, the faster you get your points.

It is like Tinder for travel. You swipe right for “yes”, and left , meaning “been there, left there” and swipe down for “not now.” As the swipes add up that you get, the possibility of discounts from airlines. The Reward Points are listed in four categories. First is the Experience points which is something or somewhere that you have seen or been to. The second one is Discovery points which is the number of places you upload. The third one is Influence points, which is the number of places your friends want to go because of your recommendations. The fourth is Trust points which are key words that you put in that people agree with.

The app is up and running now. It is also free to sign up.

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