Fascinate Your Customers by Introducing them to Awesome VR

MorfusThe world of tech is enhancing our lives on a daily basis. Businesses are able to attract customers in new ways, while at the same time making it easier for them to browse through and purchase their products. And now, the design and architecture industries are also able to jump on the tech bandwagon to attract and amaze their clients.

Morfus is an enterprise solution VR company for interior designers and architects. They transform 3D models and 2D floor plans into a VR showcase for mobile phones. Bringing this technology to existing phones makes it available to many more firms, as well as their clients, as they will not have to invest in expensive hardware in order to view the designs. Once rendered, they can be viewed on any smart phone. Also, each project generates its own unique mobile app, so the firm’s customers can download the apps on their own devices as well.

It opens up so many possibilities as clients will be able to virtually walk through the designs. This provides a much better sense of the space available with heights and dimension, the ability to go from room to room, even see the landscaping and views. They bring the plans to life so much more than a model or 360˚ photo. They also make is simple to use. Although they are compatible with Google Cardboard, they also have their own system for moving around the showcase that will work with any Bluetooth controller for Android or iOS.

As the company expands, they are looking forward to introducing their own design apps for interior decorating that include allowing users to create their own rooms and incorporating furniture and other home goods stores in the process. So you’ll be able to drag and drop actual pieces into the design and purchase the items right from the app.

To learn more, check out their website for demos and contact information.

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