Play and Learn Like a Baller

So, you wanna be a baller? Who doesn’t, right? Well now you can game like one. Sports Digital Entertainment is an international company that is in the process of developing a mobile gaming app that puts players up against the best of the best in professional sports. The game is called Ballers Life. It’s a role-play game that allows player to manage the finances of fictional and non fictional sports celebrities.

Through the game, you will earn, spend, invest and donate, just like a real baller. Players will have full control of their finances and the end game is to learn how best to manage money through the types of real life scenarios that the rich and famous encounter. So now everyone will be able to live vicariously through their favorite sports celebrity. In the game, there are rewards for good business moves, and pitfalls for poor management.

So do you have what it takes to be a real baller? Check out the Baller’s Life website for updates as to when the game will be available and to pick up some cool gear.

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