Missing a Flight Is Now Financially Saved

ReflyTraveling nowadays much of the time is dependent on using the airlines for making deadlines and time management. Many times we find ourselves unable to make a flight, either due to a business schedule or illness or an airline back-up maybe due to weather. This is where Refly has the perfect solution.

Refly is a platform to sell your ticket at a discount and at least get some of your money back so it isn’t a total loss for the travelers. You simply register with Refly and provide them the necessary information, such as airline, dates, confirmation number and destination. After there is a buyer you have to make a name change through the airline and you receive a new confirmation number. You then contact Refly to complete the sale. They are a media between the seller and the buyer.

The target market is the younger person who has less responsibilities and the freedom to travel at a shorter notice. It is also a great site to purchase cheap flights. Their website is in Spanish and English as the company is based in Mexico. It should be available for iOS and Android in the near future.

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