Digital or Vinyl? Have the Best of Both Worlds with Yes It Is.

Yes It IsThe digital age took us all by storm. We went from listening to our music on record players while at home and on cassette players while out and about to the all digital and mystical Compact Disk. Before you knew it everybody was getting rid of their large, component-style stereo systems for the sleek and clear sound of this new digital medium. This ground breaking technology soon paved the way to the digital downloading and streaming that we all know and love today.

But in recent years, there has been a resurgence in the music industry. Those “old school” audiophiles who endured quite a bit of ribbing and ridicule over the years for keeping their classic turntables are now laughing at those who are coming back around to the pure sound, and feel, of vinyl. Many music lovers are kicking themselves for disposing of their old equipment and rummaging through the basements and attics of their parents and older siblings in the hopes of the ultimate find… a forgotten turntable and stash of records. Others are thrilled to see that there are companies who are making newly updated styles of record players that fit in with any personality and room decor. That’s right, vinyl albums are making a huge comeback. And you don’t have to settle for purchasing your albums from garage sales and flea markets. Many artists are now publishing on vinyl again and there are even sections in large book stores that are dedicated once again to records.

And now, to make it even more exciting… Yes It Is, a brand new French startup, has taken the concept of vinyl record albums into the digital age by combining them with a chip that can be read by the NFC reader on your cell phone to bring listening to music into the universe of social media. The albums are traditional. providing that classic sound while playing on your record player, but they also do so much more. By reading the chip onto your cell phone, you open up a whole world of exclusive online content on the cloud. The VIP content includes things like special interviews, upcoming concert dates and events, backstage pics and videos, as well as access to merchandise. It’s really like becoming part of a new, special and exclusive fan club for each artist.

With the company being in its infancy, they are currently in negotiations with various European music labels and are working on getting their product off the ground. They hope to someday bring this amazing technology to the United States, as well. And we here at PLuGHiTz Live certainly cannot wait! We’ll be keeping an eye on this fun and innovative company and will provide updates as they grow.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology for the Tech Podcast Network.

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