Technics Presents Modern Audiophile Headphones at CES

Technics logoTechnics is one of the most celebrated brands in prosumer audio electronics. The brand has been dormant for some time but now, Panasonic, the parent company of Technics, is reviving the Technics line. There was much talk at this year’s CES about new Technics products like turntables and headphones.

Greg Lee, field manager for Technics/Panasonic visited with Daniel and Todd. He brought along a set of Technics new 700 series audiophile headphones. These headphones feature multiple drivers with a high crossover point that reproduce accurate, high-resolution audio. The main headphone driver is off-axis from the ear which changes how listeners not only hear the music, but how they perceive the sound. The 700 series headphones come in a modern wrought aluminum design that minimizes resonance, with two sliders to adjust the phones to a comfortable fit. These headphones are expected to retail for around $1200 when they come to market.

Daniel J. Lewis dares you to get started in podcasting with The Audacity to Podcast.

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