Don’t Get Caught in the Rain with Oombrella

oombrellaIf you live in a place like Florida, it is not unusual to get caught in a rain storm you had no idea was coming. In this case, your only options are always carry an umbrella for those random storms or risk getting wet in the middle of the day.

Oombrella is here to make those situations a thing of the past. Using embedded circuitry, this umbrella can detect atmospheric changes and recommend that you bring the umbrella with you to prevent these issues. To enhance this feature, the device communicates with Wezzoo’s existing weather service, adding additional data points to the prediction.

If you’ve ever left your umbrella behind, Oombrella will alert you when it loses connection to your smartphone. Then you can return to the restaurant or wherever you were, to get your umbrella back.

A Kickstarter will begin soon with expected general availability in the fall of 2016.

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