Accidentally Extraordinary Brings Touch-Sensitive Controls to Headphones

Accidentally Extraordinary
Accidentally Extraordinary lets you really touch your headphones
Something really is accidentally extraordinary about some of the products and companies we see at Eureka Park at CES. Accidentally Extraordinary is one of those companies. The made-in-Oakland, touch-controlled headphones were one of the truly new ideas found at this year’s largest innovation event and they definitely turned some heads. The concept is simple: take your headphone cable and make it touch sensitive like everything else you own now. Swipe for volume up and down, tap to take calls and more on these extremely flexible and lightweight earbuds. And while the gadget was only a mockup, you could really tell something good could come from this idea, so long as it’s executed properly. Their web site right now is simply a call to investors, but if you categorize yourself as such, be sure to help these guys out. We love the concept.


Video by Nicholas DiMeo of F5 Live.